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Good Thing it’s Fall Family Weekend!

My brother just turned 18 years old, and this has lead to my mom posting a whole album dedicated to him on Facebook. My favorite part of this album is all the throw back pictures she posted. I love looking back at fun times with the family, or even just questioning my previous fashion choices.

Family picture at preschool graduation

This is from my brother's preschool graduation. He is going to graduate high school in May 2015


Brother and two sisters

This is my brother, sister and me at his athletic banquet a few years ago.

When I saw these photos, it really made me excited for seeing my family on the upcoming Fall Family Weekend! I can’t wait to see them and make new memories and take new photos.


My family is something that is really important to me, and I love that William Woods has planned a fun-packed weekend for me to spend with them. Many of my friends’ parents are flying in from places like California and Texas to enjoy the weekend. My family lives in Centralia, Missouri so they will have a travel time of 45 minutes to an hour (if my mom is the one driving).


I plan on taking my family to the Cox art gallery in Kemper Arts Center. Since I am a communications and graphic design double major, I spend all my time in this building and it would be great for my family to see where I have been working and all the wonderful artwork I get to be around.


I’m not sure where the events will go for the rest of the weekend, but I imagine the family going to Bek’s restaurant downtown and enjoying some artichoke dip and sweet potato fries.


If you want to find out more about Fall Family Weekend, you should check out the news release that I wrote for it.


Dad and little girl in leaves

This is a throw back picture of my dad and me enjoying fall leaves.


Fine Design

I seriously love all my design classes this semester. I am taking publication design, typography and intermediate graphic design. This puts me at nine credit hours of pure fun in the Mac lab per week. Of course I have other great classes that I am taking as well, including: Website Development, Interactive Web Communication, Gender Communication and Portfolio Development.

My favorite project out of all of my design classes is the Voluptuous Vera perfume and lipstick double page advertisement. I had a little bit of a designer block on this project; have you ever felt similar to that?

Basically, we were given a bunch of pictures to choose from to create this ad. There were many photographs of products, models and even double page ad examples. I was determined to use a specific picture and was working all of the elements around it. After a week of working and getting nowhere, I realized that I needed to step outside my box and try some of the many other options. (Note that I am still just stuck on the one advertisement, and I still had another one to do!)

After putting my personal feelings aside and letting the "creative juices" flow, I was able to create my first advertisement for Vera Wang lipstick.

Double page magazine lipstick advertisement

This is the double page advertisement that I created for "Voluptuous Vera" lipstick.

Some fun facts about this advertisement are that I created every shade of lipstick on Photoshop, as well as changing the lip colors of the models themselves and I created the striped background from scratch.

The next step in completing my assignment was to create another double page advertisement, so then I was back to square one.

I kept an open mind and played around with the techniques I learned previously in class. The result of the Vera Wang perfume advertisement is my favorite out of the two. I changed the model's eye, eyebrow, lips and dress color, and blended her hair into the background for a sultrier look. Also, this model originally did not have any hair showing, for the image was of her lying horizontally on her side with her arm over her face. I rotated her and put another model with hair behind her to create this look.

Double page perfume advertisement

This is the advertisement that I created for "Voluptuous Vera" perfume.

I am having a lot of fun in my classes this year; I find reassurance every day that Communications and Graphic Design is definitely the path that I should be on with my career.

Could you imagine my advertisements in the folds of your favorite magazine? I always love feedback!


Autumn at Woods

Swing for the Fences!

This is me (#9) taking a swing at a fastball in our first fall scrimmage! Go Owls!

So begins the fall season at William Woods. 75 degrees of sunshine accompanied by the autumn breeze await me as I walk down the stairs of my Stone Campbell on campus apartment. The fall is my favorite season because it symbolizes a break from the heat of a Missouri summer and a welcome mood boost from Mother Nature herself.  The fall means spending time outdoors and enjoying the cordial music streaming out of the Greek Houses as I walk to class. Everyone at Woods is as happy as the sun is bright during this autumn season! You can find me out on the baseball field with my team or spending time with some of the best friends this world has to offer! For me, autumn at William Woods means getting back into the swing of baseball with my teammates during our fall season. On the baseball team, we practice all week long and host few fall scrimmages in our short and sweet fall baseball season. Pairing up a sports season with an academic schedule is no easy task. However, the environment here at William Woods allows us to get our education while maintaining a high academic standard and playing the game that we love. Student - athlete truly is the best of both worlds! When I'm not on the field practicing, you can find me in the library sharpening my mind or at my residence in the Stone Campbell Apartment Complex getting some rest and recuperation. All in all, the fall puts a smile on my face. There is no place I would rather be than WWU!


Domestic Violence Awareness Month



Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week here at the Woods. One of my favorite things this week happened to be put on by members of my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.

Sugar cookies on table.

This is my sorority sister, Sadie Herrick, handing out cookies outside of Tucker Dining Hall.

Sugar cookies with purple ribbon icing.

Sugar cookies with the purple ribbon.


My sorority’s philanthropy is domestic violence awareness, and we work very closely to the local Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV) shelter here in Fulton.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The intent of this awareness month was to connect battered women's advocates across the nation and to end violence against women and their children.

To start raising awareness early, a few women in my sorority baked cookies and handed them out at a table right out front of Tucker Dining Hall.

Not only is this a great cause, but I also was able to help work my designing skills and create a handout to also go on the table. I am not much of a baker, so being able to help in any other way that I can is very important to me.


Purple Ribbon Run flyer.

This is the flyer for the upcoming 5k.

With this week coming to an end, I am already creating a plan for next week. Another way that I am going to help out is with the CARDV shelter’s 5k. I am not the best runner in the world, considering how clumsy I can be, so I plan to walk it or volunteer to help out wherever is needed.

I feel lucky that the students at William Woods have many opportunities to help out with causes bigger than ourselves.