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Churchill Challenge

I can't believe it's almost October of my senior year at William Woods. The fun times have blown by so fast right in front of my face. I have really been striving to do everything that I haven't done yet, so I made a Fulton "Bucket List".

It's a collaborative list of things my friends and I want to do before our time in Fulton ends. After graduation, we will be going many directions; from grad schools and jobs all across the U.S. It is really hard to imagine life when I don't have all my friends within five minutes of me, so let's not think about it just yet.

One fun thing that we did was participate in the Churchill Color Challenge 5k. I had been working on my running all summer long and just so happened to see a poster for the 5k when I was at the YMCA one day. I immediately texted my other friends that love to run and we signed up.

Brandy, Sally Jo and me were ready to go for the start of the race.

Brandy, Sally Jo and I were ready to go for the start of the race.

While running the race, some familiar WWU faces threw color on us. And our friend, Baylie snapped a picture.

Brandy and me running on the WWU campus stretch of the 5k.

Brandy and me running on the WWU campus stretch of the 5k.

Closer to the end we passed two of our favorite faculty members/administrators, Drs. Venita Mitchell and Carrie McCray.

Finished the 5k with a smile.

Finished the 5k with a smile.

I am so proud that I was able to participate in something so awesome and so dear to the Fulton community. I look forward to many more 5ks in the future and more fun to be had in Fulton this year.


The Spring Semester is Wrapping Up!

It always amazes me how quickly time flies here at The Woods! We're in the middle of our finals week already. This is probably the most exciting, stressful, and saddest time of the year. It's exciting because we get to go on summer break, and for me that means going home to Colorado to see my family and friends. It's stressful because we have to finish up all of those semester long papers and projects and take final exams. It's also sad because a lot of your friends graduate from the classes ahead of you and you leave your friends for three months. It really is bittersweet!

I can't believe this is the last week of my junior year. While I look forward to my senior year because there are sure to be a lot more "firsts" and adventures, it will also be full of a lot of "lasts". Every time a chapter in your life closes it's a strange mix of sad and exciting, so I will be sure to enjoy every moment I have left at William Woods.

Last week Campus Activities Board hosted Rock the Dock to give us a break from studying. We went down to the dock and had Chipotle, music, karaoke, sand volleyball, and kayaks for the lake. It was a great stress reliever and we got to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Students playing sand volleyball at Rock the Dock

Students playing sand volleyball at Rock the Dock

I am looking forward to finishing up this week and heading home for a while. I hope to meet many new students in the fall through orientation, recruitment, and classes! Enjoy the last few weeks of school!


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Woodsfest: Alumni Weekend 2015


Happy Hump Day to all!

This upcoming weekend, William Woods will be hosting its annual Alumni Weekend shindig! The theme this year is Woodsfest! A festive gathering of old friends and colleagues brought together for a weekend of reminiscing on the past and writing the next page of the future.

For a full schedule of Woodsfest events, follow this link!

We hope to see you all this coming weekend at William Woods!

As always, peace and blessings!


Missouri Academy of Science

This past weekend I traveled to St. Joseph, Missouri for the Missouri Academy of Science Annual Meeting. I went to present a poster of the cancer research I've been doing all year with Dr. Nicholas Pullen. Rachel Ostrem and Dr. Hart also went to present on their medical biotechnology research project from this semester. We had a great time!

We arrived on Friday afternoon and got checked in. We were able to check out the room where Rachel would present and I found the spot for my poster. The atrium of the science facility had this beautiful structure of trefoil, which is a protein domain. It so happens that I am looking at a specific trefoil factor for my cancer research so it was really cool to see that, what a coincidence!

Representing William Woods with Rachel, Dr. Pullen, and Dr. Hart

Representing William Woods with Rachel, Dr. Pullen, and Dr. Hart

On Saturday we went to the opening session. They announce that the journal for Missouri Academy of Science is moving online, and did some other business. I'm hoping that maybe next year some of my work with Dr. Pullen could be submitted to the journal for publication.

The rest of the morning we sat and listened to a bunch of presentations. I was excited that I got to watch Rachel explain her project. We also learned about other current biomedical technology research happening in the state of Missouri.

Rachel and Dr. Hart discussing their project

Rachel and Dr. Hart discussing their project

After lunch it was time for the poster session. I got to talk to a lot of different people and answer questions about my project. I even had some cancer biologists give some suggestions on how to move forward with our work!

My poster set up with the trefoil sculpture behind it!

My poster set up with the trefoil sculpture behind it!

Overall this was a great experience. I can't wait to submit another abstract next year, and I hope we get accepted again! I'm so glad that I got the chance to work with Dr. Pullen and represent William Woods Biology.



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