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Admissions to the Rescue!


Here's the little dude catching some z's. He is a lovable pup.

I was on my way into the Admissions Office to give a prospective student a tour around William Woods campus and I was greeted by a furry friend. The admissions team found this little guy in a storm drain right outside the building and decided to take him in! They got the little fella cleaned up and found him a home of his very own (after we finished cuddling him, of course)! There's nothing like a heart warming puppy rescue story to begin the week!


A Semester Winding Down

It's scary to think there's only a few more weeks of the semester left.

Currently, I'm trying to finish my LEAD points this month, wrap up some semester long biology projects and get in the right mind set for finals all as the weather is starting to become so cold!

I feel like a maniac running around campus trying to get through every day but I love the chaos and wouldn't have it any other way!

I'm super excited to go home for Thanksgiving. I miss my family so much. We usually eat dinner at my aunts house and my entire family goes. I've always been super close to everyone in my family and I feel like this will be a well deserved break from school.

In my opinion, the best tradition I have is with my mom. We go black Friday shopping and not only do I get new clothes, I get to spend time with only her. Between school out of state, an eleven year old brother, my step dad and her work plus her school, we don't really get a lot of time to spend together.

My brother Steven is my only brother. The age difference between us is a little straining sometimes but I love being his older sister. This year, for Christmas, I bought him a puppy that he picked out. Were not taking the puppy home until December, but he is picked out and already named, Hachi. Over Thanksgiving break, we will go buy a collar and some new toys for Hachi to come home to.


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Barn Dance

This past weekend was very eventful! On Friday, we had and equestrian admissions weekend. This was a very fun event and I met lots of prospective students that I really felt a connection with. Though I am not an equestrian myself, we were able to bond over many things from activities in common to sass. (Annie and Courtney, I hope you know that you were the sassiest).

Also on Friday, I was in the talent show. I did a rap by Eminem dressed as an M&M with the sorority sister Melissa by my side to sing the chorus. I promised pictures, but I didn't end up getting any good ones of my costume. I do have a video of the rap, if anyone is ever on campus and is curious what I sound like when I rap.

On Saturday I went home to take pictures for the church directory with my family and celebrate my dad's birthday. (He turns 50 on Nov. 13!) I am from Centralia, Mo. so it was about a 45 minute drive there and back. After my family stuffed me full of food, I came back to campus for my sorority's Barn Dance.

The Barn Dance was filled with line dances, plaid and fun with my sorority sisters and friends. This is the second dance of the semester that my sorority has held. I also plan to attend Phi Gamma Delta's semi-formal this December.


Brandy, me and Alyssa at Alpha Chi Omega barn dance.

Brandy, me and Alyssa at Alpha Chi Omega barn dance.

Jaryd, me and Joey dressed for Barn Dance. Jaryd and Joey are members of the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta.

Jaryd, me and Joey dressed for Barn Dance. Jaryd and Joey are members of the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta.


I’m going to be in the Talent Show!

The annual Woods Factor Talent Show is this Friday, tomorrow, at 7 p.m.

A girl in my sorority, Baylie Borman approached me and asked if I would like to be in the show because they wanted more acts. I of course said YES! Then the next step was figuring out what I was talented at. After some thought I decided I wanted to do something fun, not serious, so I am going to rap and Eminem song dressed as an MnM. What do you think of that idea?

I didn't want to do it alone, so another sorority sister of mine, Melissa Williams, is going to come on stage and sing the chorus for my rap. The song I am doing is "Space Bound" by Eminem, it is on his Recovery CD. I chose this song because I already memorized the lyrics. I was a big fan during the summer between my sophomore and junior year in college when the CD came out.

Now that I have the song and the costume, I am extremely ready/nervous/excited/nervous/nervous/nervous for tomorrow, please wish me luck!

I am the second act, how nerve wracking! This is never something that I could have done as a freshman. I have gained so much confidence and skills here at the Woods just from having such a great support system.

Did I mention I was nervous?

Either way, tomorrow is EQS* weekend and the Talent Show which will prove to be a very busy and fun day for me.

Want to know more about the Talent Show? Here is a news release that I wrote about it.

I promise I will post pictures!

*EQS is William Woods lingo for Equestrian Studies!