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About Alex

¡Hola! I’m Alex Dru. I’m a biology major with chemistry, Spanish and equestrian science minors here at William Woods. I’m from the lovely Chicago, IL.

I knew I wanted to leave home to go to school so it would force me to be more independent and teach me how to take care of myself.

Alex with a horseI was drawn to William Woods mainly for the equestrian program. I ride saddle seat which is one of our four seats (types of riding) taught here.

Alex on Horse

I love studying in the biology program because I’m very close with my teachers. That’s one of the best things about coming here. All my teachers know me by name and face, and are always available to help me when I need it. It’s a very small community, so it’s pretty easy to fall into place here.

Currently, I’m very involved on campus and am in various clubs and activities. But beyond that and homework, there is always time to grab dinner at Bek’s, or make a Columbia run with my friends.

I’ve had a pretty interesting summer. I had a job as a veterinarian’s assistant and helped the vet with all sorts of interesting things. I’ve learned a lot, and I am only looking more forward to applying for Vet school.

This school year, I’m working on a lot of exciting things. I have an internship at MU vet school shadowing in the farm animal and equine facility as well as shadowing Dr. Amy Rucker. I also plan on going to Costa Rica over spring break with my biology class.

Alex and friends skating

I hope you check up on my blog every so often and see all the cool things I’m doing.​