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The Dead Guy

Pictures this: you have been given 1,000,000 dollars and you must spend it all in just seven days. Not only that, but a camera crew will follow your every move and broadcast every second of your adventures on national television! There is only one catch: at the end of the week, you die—and the viewing audience gets to choose how!


A sneak peak into this week's performance of The Dead Guy.

A sneak peak into this week's performance of The Dead Guy.

This weekend, the William Woods University Theatre Department is going to explore this crazy scenario with their second mainstage show of the season, a play aptly titled The Dead Guy. The cast auditioned in the middle of October and they have been rehearsing five days a week since then to prepare for their performances!


The show opens tomorrow (Thursday the 5th) and runs through Sunday the 8th. Show times are 7:30 pm Thursday-Saturday and 2:00 pm on Sunday. Ticket prices are as follows:

Adults: $12

Seniors (age 62+): $10

Faculty/Staff: $8

Students: $7

Children (ages 6-12): $6


Melissa Alpers-Springer, director, conducting auditions in October.

Melissa Alpers-Springer, director, conducting auditions in October.

For the WWU students enrolled in the LEAD program, the play counts as a 2-pt LEAD event! Tickets can be purchased ahead of time by going to or calling the box office at 573.592.4267, or you can wait and buy your tickets at the door.

The poster advertising this weekend's production!

The poster advertising this weekend's production!


I can’t wait to see this show! The plot sounds very intriguing and I’m sure everyone will do a wonderful job.  I’ve definitely missed getting to be a part of the shows this semester, but I’m so excited to see my fellow theatre students perform!



Most of us imagine what our careers will look like after we graduate—some in more detail than others. Some students have every last detail of their future jobs planned out. Others have a vague idea of what they want to do with their lives, but they never really took the time to legitimately determine what exactly they wanted to do and/or how to go about it.


Amy Dittmer: the incredible person responsible for Career-A-Palooza!

Amy Dittmer: the incredible person responsible for Career-A-Palooza!

I fall into that last category. Luckily for me, William Woods University has been there to help me determine what my career aptitudes are and how to go about preparing to search for a job. This last week, WWU hosted a series of LEAD events called “Career-A-Palooza” designed to help students learn the tricks of the job market trade.


Amy Dittmer is the director of career services and student transition at WWU. Basically, that means that her job is to help students like you and I find jobs! She hosted each of the events this week, focusing on current relevant topics such as how to build a resume and write a cover letter, how to specifically tailor your resume and cover letter to the job you are applying for, and how to use LinkedIn to your networking advantage.


Almost every college and university has someone like Amy who is supposed to help the soon-to-be graduates find work, but William Woods University is the only school to provide events on this important topic that students can receive financial scholarships from attending. That’s the incredible thing about WWU; everyone here really goes above and beyond to help us, the students, succeed. It is truly amazing to get to be part of such an incredible support system!


Wait… What?! I just registered for my last semester of classes??



As you begin your college career, everyone tells you to “enjoy it, because it goes by really fast!” If you’re like me, you won’t believe them in the slightest. After all, college is going to last FOUR YEARS! That’s a long time, right?


Wrong! It really does go by fast. Sure, any given week may drag so much that it feels like Friday will never get here, but somehow, midterms and then finals will roll around before you even realize it. It took until my junior year to realize that it would not be very long at all until my graduation. Now that I have officially registered for my last college classes EVER, I am slowly beginning to integrate the fact that my college career is coming to a close.


I am very excited for my last semester, though! I registered for only four classes: Visionary Leadership, Communication Seminar, Theatre Senior Project, and Law, Ethics, & Morality. I’m really looking forward to all these classes. The theatre senior project will be especially fun! I get to work with another senior to put together a performance that will showcase the abilities we have mastered during our time at WWU. I’m working with a guy named Stephen to put together a unique production of Alice in Wonderland designed especially for kids. This production will consist of only the two of us! I will play Alice, and Stephen will play everyone else! It should be a lot of fun!

My project partner, Stephen Chamineak!

My project partner, Stephen Chamineak!


My communication seminar class should be very cool as well. I will get to work with all the other graduating communication majors. Together, we will pick a current controversial/high stakes social issue and put together a documentary, host speakers on campus, raise money, and generally create awareness of/prevent the issue. Two years ago, the class chose to tackle bullying in schools, and last year they chose to support the fight against sex trafficking. I will be curious to see what we decide to do this year!


While I have absolutely enjoyed my internships and have learned so much from them, I am really excited to move back to campus in January so I can take classes and be around all my friends again for one more semester! Is it January yet?!


Shawn C Music!

Last week was unlike any other I’ve ever experienced in my life!

My brother Shawn C!

My brother Shawn C!

Last week, my 17-year-old brother, Shawn, entered a national singer/songwriter competition sponsored by Guitar Center. This is a massive competition—grand prize is $25,000 plus a bunch of expensive music equipment, and there are close to 10,000 contestants! Shawn made his decision to enter on bit of a whim; he wasn’t expecting to win, but he figured he didn’t have anything to lose!

The competition spanned 10 weeks. 10 contestants were chosen each week to advance to the semifinals, resulting in 100 semifinalists that will undergo formal judging based on their talent, quality of music, commercial viability of their songs, and entertainment value. The race to get into the semifinals, though, was essentially a popularity contest—the 10 semifinalists each week are the ones whose music videos were watched the most times! Though we weren’t really expecting Shawn to make it into the semifinals, we figured a major marketing push wouldn’t hurt anything…

I learned so much about marketing and PR last week, it’s unbelievable. I was probably more active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn this week than I was in the last two months combined! Shawn was featured on the radio, multiple newspapers, and even the pizza boxes of a local restaurant! Getting to watch a small town band together in support of its local musician was absolutely amazing—not to mention all the support we had from our friends and family!

As of the end of the week, Shawn had 4,995 views and was ranked #29 out of all 9,800 contestants! We feel pretty confident that he made it into the semifinals, but we won't find out anything for sure until mid-December - at which point someone will contact him if he is selected to be in the top 10. If the judges select him as one of the top 10 in the entire competition, he will travel to Los Angeles, CA in March of 2014 to perform for the grand prize!

The voting period is over, but his videos should still be up if you want to watch them! The link to his videos is

This was obviously a ridiculously exciting week. It was absolutely thrilling to watch my brother climb steadily up the leaderboards and to hear such positive feedback from everyone. I can't wait for December to find out if he advanced yet again!