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On-Campus Clinic

Every semester there are several equestrian clinics on campus, as well as opportunities to show on and off campus. Each seat hosts its own events. This semester dressage hosted Betsy Steiner. I did not ride in the clinic, but I did get to go and watch! Betsy Steiner is a very well known trainer and rider in the dressage world, and she has had a relationship with Karen Pautz and William Woods for quite some time now. There have actually been William Woods students who went on to work at Steiner Dressage!

William Woods rider and horse Wajombo during their session with Betsy Steiner

William Woods rider and horse Wajombo during their session with Betsy Steiner

Watching the clinic was a great opportunity to learn. I saw two full 45 minute sessions in which the main focus was on control at the canter. The riders worked on collection, counter canter, and flying lead changes.I learned a lot of things that I'm hoping to apply to my own riding.

Clinicians offer a unique opportunity to learn. Whenever a clinician comes to William Woods, regardless of the seat, I like to go and watch (often we get a LEAD point for it too!). Every trainer and professional has a different background, and they often have new training techniques and exercises. I like to listen and learn about different exercises and think about the biomechanics and mental challenges they present to the horse. It is fun to try and adapt exercises from  a different discipline to my own riding.

This semester is full of opportunities at the barn. A few weeks ago there was a judging clinic for high school students. Last weekend we hosted Betsy Steiner and this weekend we have an on campus show for hunter/jumper, saddle seat, and western! In a few weeks there will be a dressage schooling show on campus, and then our annual recognized USDF show is in April! The other seats also have off-campus shows this semester for students to go to. I'm looking forward to all of the opportunities to support my friends and peers!


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Learning in the Lab

One of the best things that has happened since I started at William Woods is that I have found my passion. Now I still don't know yet exactly what I want to do with my life, but I do know that it will probably involve vet school and eventually a PhD. I get to go to my classes every single day and enjoy what I'm learning. I find myself making connections to concepts in my current classes with the information I learned nearly three years ago as a freshman! It is an amazing thing to really enjoy class and reading the textbook!

This year I've had the opportunity to work with Dr. Pullen on a research project involving eukaryotic cell culture. We work with several types of human cancer and I have learned how to keep these cell cultures alive in the lab so we can study them. The goal is to find out something new about these cell lines by looking at the proteins they express.

Working under the cell culture hood

Working under the cell culture hood




Last week we started to think that maybe our approach wasn't going to yield well quantifiable results. This means that I get to learn about another lab technique I haven't done before! I've found that I really enjoy the challenges Dr. Pullen gives me in the lab. Often times things don't work out either due to a mistake or just luck, but it turns out the feeling you get when something finally works is just that much sweeter if it didn't go the way you'd planned the first (or second or third) time. I'm learning that lab work requires a person to be resilient.lab

Whether you're interested in science, American Sign Language, equestrian science or business, I hope you find that the professors here at The Woods help you find your passion. Through the experiences I've had with my professors here, I've figured out that I really enjoy learning about the science you can't see (cell biology) and I want to continue to do things in the lab that broaden our understanding of how life works.


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Heart Throb

Last night four fraternity men and two sorority women participated in Alpha Phi's Heart Throb competition. The goal is to raise money and awareness for women's heart health. Many people don't know that heart disease is the number one killer of women (and men!) in America, accounting for 1 in 3 female deaths each year. Alpha Phi members across the country raise money to support heart health research, education about the importance of heart health, and hands only CPR training for college students.Heart Throb

All of the sororities and fraternities have specific organizations that they raise money for. At William Woods, Alpha Chi Omega supports CARD-V (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence), Chi Omega  supports Make-A-Wish Foundation, Delta Gamma supports Service for Sight, Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) supports the Scleroderma Foundation, and Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) supports Fulton Special Olympics. Every group hosts events to raise money and awareness for their cause, and the entire campus comes together to support them!

Heart Throb is a fun event where the fraternity and sorority community nominate people to compete by showing off their talents and sharing their knowledge of Alpha Phi and heart health. The winners are crowned Mr. & Mrs. Heart Throb! It is a fun time and I really enjoy watching all of the contestants. This year fellow blogger Alaina Leverenz competed and it was great to watch a friend up on stage! This year's talents included singing, dancing, lip-sync, a pogo stick routine, painting, and a reenactment from the poetry slam scene in 22 Jump Street.

Heart Throb Contestants



Living Your Values

Last weekend I attended the Association of Fraternal Leadership Values conference in Indiana as a representative of William Woods Panhellenic Council. I got to go with six other William Woods students (including fellow blogger Alaina Leverenz, check out her page if you haven't!) and the Director of Student Involvement, Lacey Sweeten Randall. We took a bus with schools from the Kansas City area all the way to Indianapolis to learn more about what it means to be a leader in a Greek organization.


I was expecting to meet other Panhellenic presidents, listen to some speakers, and work with people from different fraternities and sororities across the country. What I didn't expect was how much I would learn about what it means to truly live your values as an individual and an organization. (In case you haven't heard the words Panhellenic Council before-- it's a group of women from all the Greek sororities on our campus who work together on projects and events!)

AFLV Group

One session I went to was all about purple cows. We were told to think of things that we and our organizations do differently or better than anybody else. I have to admit that it was hard to think of those things at first. The speaker then went on to say that if you're truly sticking to a set of values and you are portraying them to the people around you, then the things that make you unique will be what you value most. When I think about my personal values, the list often gets pretty long, but after this conference I realized that the things I truly value come out in my every day actions. I'm hoping to bring this concept back to our Greek community and the other student organizations at The Woods.

We took a group selfie at the awards banquet!

We took a group selfie at the awards banquet!


I certainly learned a lot of great things at AFLV, but we also had a fun time too! I've driven through Indiana before but never had the chance to see Indianapolis and our view from the 27th floor of the hotel was beautiful. We could see the capital building and the Colts stadium. Many of the keynote speakers gave us a good laugh and there were plenty of little activities like a cupcake bar and t-shirt auction to keep us busy when we weren't in sessions. One of the coolest events was an affiliation luncheon where we got to sit and eat with all the conference attendees from different schools who are in the same fraternity or sorority as us. I met Alpha Phis from all over who served on their Panhellenic or as officers for their chapter!

This is the view from our hotel room at night!

This is the view from our hotel room at night!


I am so grateful that William Woods supports student leaders and helps provide us with opportunities like AFLV!