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A Day in the Life of a Basketball Player

Hello, friends!  It's been a snowy week here at the Woods.  I hope you enjoyed your snow days (if any) as much as the students on campus did!  I've seen snowball fights, snow angels, and snow drifts and we can't wait to see the sun again!

Today, I would like to share with you more of what it's like to be an athlete at William Woods University.  As you know, I'm on the women's basketball team here at the Woods.  I'm here to give you the inside scoop of what it is like to play on Coach Chapla's team and specifically what game day is like!

Game Days are probably the most exciting days as an athlete.  We scout teams and practice the game plan all week until we finally get the chance to show 'em what we're made of!  On our team, we begin the day with a shoot-around practice.  At shoot-around, we do a couple warm up shooting drills to get our muscles awake and moving, shoot free throws, and go over what we might see the opposing team might do that day.  When we reach the end of our short shoot-around, we play the best game ever -- TEN, FIVE, ONE!  In ten, five, one, we split into two teams and each team has to make 10 free throws, 5 three point shots, and 1 half court shot.  The half court shot wins the game, and EVERYONE wants to make it!  We get so competitive, and it's always really exciting when our teammates make their first one!

After shoot-around, we all make our way across campus to Tucker dining hall and eat lunch together.  This is especially fun.  We usually stuff our faces and make jokes until it's time to go.  In most cases, we push tables together or make one big basketball player blog with tables to make sure everyone is included.  After eating, we have a little free time before it's time to get ready at the gym.

About an hour before the game, we pull on our jerseys and shoes and get pumped for the game.  My teammates and I usually joke around and get each other excited for the 40 minute game that lies ahead.  We have a warm up routine that we do every single game that involves a lot of shooting, laughing, and talking.  People that watch us warm up probably think we are crazy because we are singing, dancing and shouting to each other for a good hour before the game starts.  Personally, I have such a great time in warm ups when we can laugh and play around, and we focus on having fun!

Thirty minutes before the game starts, Coach Chapla gives us our pregame talk, usually reminding us of the game plan and what we need to focus on to win the game. At seven minutes to go, we come back in the locker room for the starting line up and their match ups.  That's the most exciting part!  We all get psyched about playing our opponent and having all our hard work pay off!  Then we take the court for the game!  After the National Anthem, the starters are announced and then it's tip-off!  Whatever happens after that is up to us!

After games, Coach gives us a talk about what we did well and what we can do better.  Then we gather up our gear and EAT MORE FOOD!  I know it sounds ridiculous, but we always look forward to the post game meal!  I also visit with my parents if they come to a game, or my friends afterwards as well.  We typically get a huge crowd of our classmates and friends because it's always great to catch a game and snag a LEAD point!

Game Days are great.  Being an athlete is a challenge and a commitment for sure, but with the relationships I've formed and the lessons I've learned make it all worth it.  I've said it a million times in these posts, but there is nowhere else I'd rather be.  Shoutout to my teammates for being the best family away from home, and shoutout to any future owls out there!  Let me just encourage you to chase your dreams and play the sport you love at the Woods.   There's so much to gain when you put in the time.  Thanks for reading!


5… 4… 3… 2… Second Semester!

Hello, friends!  It’s been a long winter break but it is so exciting to have all the students and faculty back on campus.  I’ve missed all of my classmates, Chi Omega sisters, and professors!
                Although I’ve spent a lot of time this winter on campus for basketball, there’s so much that’s been happening that I cannot wait to share.  Today I can get you caught up with my crazy experiences over the last few weeks.
                When basketball starts in September, it doesn’t slow down until late March.  Playing a sport in college is a major commitment, but the time you spend with your teammates that become family makes it all worth it (and it never hurts to play the game you love, either!).  The team had a short break to go home and spend time with our families for Christmas, so I ventured back home to Archie!  After being in college for a while, it’s fun to go home and take it easy with your loved ones.  We celebrated Christmas at my aunt’s home this year, and if your family is anything like mine then you know how difficult and strenuous it is to get everyone together for a family photo!  Fortunately, my family played along and we took a few pictures together.  There was laughter… there were tears…  These pictures should speak for themselves, actually!  The first is my family.  From the left is yours truly, next to my parents, Cary and Tammara, followed by my sister Kelsey and her husband Jordan.  The next picture was when the tears came into play.  See the cutie with the panda bear hat?  That's Abigail, and she insisted we take a photo of all the girls.  Can you spot the tears?!  Probably my favorite photo of all    family 2
                After Christmas, my team returned to the Woods to continue to practice and get better this season.  Like I said before, these people have become my family and being together over break made us that much closer.  A typical day would include practice, lunch together, long naps, movie marathons, and dinner.  Most of the time, we would be surrounded by our teammates and having a blast doing whatever it is that sounded like fun.
                Every year, our coach Dan Chapla invites us to his home for a meal made by his wife, Gara.  This is one of my favorite times of the year because coach Chapla has two of the coolest kids, and Gara makes really, REALLY delicious food.  If there is any question on who is the most spoiled team at WWU, it is definitely the women's basketball team.  Although we are pretty pampered, we are really thankful to be invited into the Chapla’s home, and we always have a wonderful time!  For whatever reason, we like to make coach's dinners have a dress code or a theme.  The last two Christmases, we've dubbed it a pajama party and the following picture was the result!  Modeling the footie pajamas next to me are my teammates Julia, Paige, and Destani, and we are joined by the one and only, Luke Chapla.  pjs
                Between games, practices and hanging out, break went by so quickly.  Before we knew it, students were returning to campus and moving back into the residence halls!  When my Chi Omega sisters started to arrive, I was all smiles.  It’s great to see your friends from all over the place come back to their home away from home.  I’m really looking forward to all the events and activities we have planned for this year!  With the new year came new leadership in our sorority, as well.  Just this week, the new Executive Board in our Chi Omega chapter was installed.  I am fortunate enough to be chosen for a position again this year, and I’ll be watching over scholarship and the academic success in the house as Vice President!  I’m so happy to serve with the other members of our executive board, too.  We have such a great group of women to lead us, and I will be here to share it all with YOU!
                Second semester is going to be busy, but it’s already so much fun!  I’ll keep you posted on the activities and events I’m attending so you can see into my life as a student at the place I love most, William Woods University!  Thanks for reading :)

Hello, again!

Hey, friends!  We're down to the very last day of classes before finals.  Looking back, I'm curious where all my time has gone!  It's been a great first semester for my junior year, and I'm so excited for what's coming next.  With all the visiting students, it's been difficult to sit down and share with you all on my blog. I am so happy to show students the place I love most, so cramming all the activities of the last few weeks into one post isn't bad at all.


Last month in my sorority, we had our philanthropy week.   Philanthropy weeks consist of activities and competitions to raise money and awareness about our cause.  In Chi Omega's case, we support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and we call our week, "Wish Week!"  It was so much fun!  We started the week on November 11th, at 11:11.  What better time for a week about wishes?  The surrounding sororities and fraternities came to our events to celebrate Make-A-Wish, and when you get the Greek community together it is always a good time.  The participants played in a dodgeball tournament, hung up banners for Chi Omega and Make-A-Wish, and sang songs to us about our house and our cause.  We even had a day for penny wars where pennies are worth positive points, and silver coins and bills are worth negative points.  It's a game of strategy for the competiting houses, but the friendly competition helped us raise over $1,000!


Here's a picture collage by Hayley Bowler of Sam!  Keep fighting, little guy!

Here's a picture collage by Hayley Bowler of Sam! Keep fighting, little guy!

The whole week, we were inspired by a wonderful little guy named Sam, or as we all know him, Superman Sam!  Sam is 5 years old and is currently battling a rare cancer.  He was recently given the opportunity to have his wish granted, and we were so inspired by his story!  We couldn't wait to meet him and thankfully, we got the opportunity at our last event, the Wish Walk!  The Wish Walk is a 5K that we host here in Fulton.  After hearing about Superman Sam and about our cause, the community and campus stepped up to participate.  It was awesome to see everyone in their Wish Walk shirts smiling and having fun in support of Sam!  At the close of the week, we raised a total of $5,000 for Make-A-Wish!  It felt so great to know that we could benefit a child just like Superman Sam!Wish Walk





After a great Wish Week, we got closer to Thanksgiving break.  It's always nice to go home to your family and visit friends!  I really enjoyed all the family time and especially the food (Hey mom, if you're reading this -- you're the bomb!).  I always miss WWU when I am home, so thankfully I had basketball practice on Friday night and was able to come back to campus with my teammates!

Now, we are up to the last week of class.  Again, where has my time gone?? It has been such a fast, thrilling, sometimes crazy but completely wonderful fall here at the Woods.  If you haven't had the opportunity to join us this semester, I hope to see you soon!  With Christmas break approaching, this will be my last post until next semester!  Happy Holidays and safe travels to all of you!  To my William Woods family, I'll miss you dearly until we return. Good luck on finals to students of any age, and thanks again for reading!


For more info about the Chi Omega chapter at William Woods University, visit!/ChiOmegaWWU and like our page!

To follow the Owls during this holiday season, visit !


Mid-November Madness!

Hello, all!

It's that time of year again where all assignments are due, basketball season is picking up, and all the organizations are putting on their best events!  If I could describe my last two weeks in a few words, I'd say it was complete madness,

Basketball season is here!  From left: Paige Stewart, Destani Stensrud, Lindsey Cornelius, and Blake French.  We have a reputation on our team for being goofy and energetic, and our coaches frequently refer to us as the "puppies!"

Basketball season is here! From left: Paige Stewart, Destani Stensrud, Lindsey Cornelius, and Blake French. We have a reputation on our team for being goofy and energetic, and our coaches frequently refer to us as the "puppies!"

but with excitement and anticipation sprinkled throughout.   I haven't had the chance to write about what has been going on in my life at the Woods, so today's post is a hybrid of activities I'm involved in on campus!

I'll start with the oldest bit of news:  Haunted Hoops!

Like I've said before, I'm on the women's basketball team here at WWU, and I really like to get involved.  Coach Chapla and Coach Totta (the women's and men's head coaches) approached me early in October to plan an event called Haunted Hoops that would take place on Halloween.  Obviously, I jumped at the chance and agreed to help out!  What better way to use my skills learned in communications to help plan an event like this?

We planned the event for October 31 and it would involve a scrimmage, some games with the crowd, and a few chances to win money or basketball gear.  The event was going to be a half LEAD point, and we planned on giving out a great performance for the students who attended.

The coaches and I discussed these games down to every single detail.  Thankfully, we had the help of the WWU Cheerleaders for set up, the men's assistant coach Andrew Green as our Master of Ceremonies, and the hard working men in Sports Information, Ben Mizera and Christopher Caskey.  With everyone's help, we were able to throw one of the best LEAD events all month!


The lovely coaching staff for Haunted Hoops from the left: Coach Rosario, Coach Totta, Coach Aubuchon, and Coach Chapla. I'll never forget these goofballs!

The gym was full of students in costumes and the coaches surprised us by dressing up, too!  Once the event began, my heart started pounding and stayed that way the entire time.  There was so much anticipation for what was going to happen next!  The crowd was really involved and the energy in the gym was so positive.  We started with a hot shot shooting competition, and a surprise game followed, where sophomores Julia Wells and Skylar Overlander were pied in the face!  The men and women's teams put on skits for the crowd, and had the entire gymnasium laughing!


By the time we got to last event of the Green & White scrimmage, and I wasn't ready for the night to end!  The next day, people were approaching our team and commenting on what a great time they had.  A lot of students even expressed their interest in coming again next year!  After all the chaos and hard work that went into this event, I have my fingers crossed that it will be a repeat event next year!

haunted hoops group photo

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! There is no other team I'd rather belong to than the WWU Owls!


Next, I'll share a little about what's been going on here in Admissions: Discovery Days!

As University Ambassadors, we get the opportunity to participate in Discovery Days on campus.  On these days, prospective students come to campus and get the inside scoop of what William Woods University is really like.  I got the chance to hang out with some students and their families these past two weekends and tell them about our university!  I met students from all over the states, and I specifically remember families from Georgia, Washington, California, and Wisconsin.  It's incredible how WWU can bring together students from such different places of the United States for their education!


And for my latest and greatest activity that just took place last weekend, was a Community Advisor event:  Italian Night!

As a community advisor, I have the responsibility to promote a feeling of community within my hall and also venture out to make those ties across the campus.  Typically, I put on one event a month by myself but this November, I decided to join another hall, Booth, in producing an event.  Booth is a residence hall that houses the men of Pi Kappa Alpha, and their CA, Nate Bitner, was more than willing to help out.  There's no better way to bring people together than by eating food -- and more specifically, spaghetti!

We made flyers like this hung them up all over our residence halls to make sure we could get a lot of people together!

We made flyers like this hung them up all over our residence halls to make sure we could get a lot of people together!

I might have called my mother 20 times just to discuss what all we would need and how we were going to prepare the food (Hey mom, if you're reading this, thank you so much for all your help!).  On Sunday, November 10, at 11:00 AM we started to prepare food for 60+ people who planned on attending the Italian Night.  In total, we made 8 lbs. of spaghetti noodles, over 300 meatballs, and used over a gallon of spaghetti sauce!  This is not to mention all the dinner rolls, salad, cheese, grapes and desserts we had to offer!

By 5:00 PM, the basement of Atkinson Hall where I live was packed with people enjoying a feast of spaghetti and meatballs.  We played Italian music and just let everything unfold.  It was so much fun being a hostess and I can't wait to do something like this again!  Everyone had a great time and left with a very full stomach.  Somehow, we had just the right amount of food that nobody went without and nothing was leftover.


Although it has been a crazy few weeks, I've been having a blast.  My schedule is always so busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I have learned so much about myself by working with different people and working under deadlines.  I'm really thankful for these opportunities, and I have so much fun growing outside of class!

Thanks again for reading!  I can't wait to share more with you throughout my junior year!