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Out and About in Fulton

This past weekend I found myself with little homework, and lots of time. What does one do in Fulton for fun? Well, there are actually plenty of things to keep you busy! If you want to stay on campus, there are often sports games, Friday night shows (this past weekend it was our hilarious  Served Up Crispy Improv Team), and Greek events if you are in a house. I saw the improv show on Friday and they made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt!

Off campus, Fulton has a variety of fun things to do as well. There is a movie theater (with a student discount, it doesn't get any better than that!), a bowling alley, and shopping on Court Street with your friends.

If you're looking to get outdoors, I like going to Stinson Creek Trail for jog or one of the city parks to swing or read outside. I hope to make it to Mark Twain Forest and Katy Trail sometime soon. If you enjoy golf, there is Tanglewood Golf Course just a few minutes away from campus!

This is the covered bridge at Stinson Trail! It's a great place to walk, run, or ride your bike.

This is the covered bridge at Stinson Trail! It's a great place to walk, run, or ride your bike.

There are also a few art exhibits in town. One is right here on William Wood's campus, the Mildred M. Cox Gallery. They rotate exhibits every month. I enjoy going to the meet the artist events. There is also The Champ Art Gallery at Westminster College and Westminster Art Gallery at the National Churchill Museum.

Fulton is home to the National Churchill Museum, a great historical attraction. Winston Churchill actually delivered his "Iron Curtain" speech right here in town!  At William Woods we have an exhibit of Helen Steven's Olympic medals. She is from Fulton, went to William Woods, and received a gold medal from Adolf Hitler in the 1936 Olympics 100 meter dash. She is nicknamed the "Fulton Flash" and never lost a race! There is actually a photo of her receiving her medal from Hitler in which he is actually smiling a little. There is also an auto museum that my dad really enjoys when he comes to visit.

The National Churchill Museum

The National Churchill Museum

Helen Stephens, the Fulton Flash

Helen Stephens, the Fulton Flash

Another great thing about Fulton is that we are close to the Columbia, MO, a large college town. I like being in quiet Fulton but always having the option to go to Columbia for a few hours. This weekend I went up to Panera and studied with one of the girls from my sorority.

There sure are lots of things to keep you busy here at school, and even more fun places to go around town. This weekend we have our fall break, so we don't have class on Friday. Last year I stayed on campus and had a blast exploring downtown Fulton with my sorority sisters. This year I get to fly home for a few days which will be nice, but I'll be sad to miss out on all the weekend activities!

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