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Halloween at The Woods!

Some people prefer a spooky costume while some others prefer funny. Here in the social work department, we prefer caffeine filled. Its not every day that you get to see your professors dressed up, but Friday was one of those days!

Dressing Up for Fun - Everyone from the Admissions office to the Department of Student Life dressed up and celebrated the holiday by handing out candy and enjoying the day with students. The day has turned into one of the days I look forward to during the school year, just because everyone has such a great time and relaxes together, something I never would have guessed happened during my time in college. Halloween at a small university like William Woods is a great time!

1960s hair styles and all!

1960s hair styles and all!

Making it Semi-Academic - Every office showed their individuality across campus and hosted games and trivia for students. For social work students, we got to experience a real intervention for Dr. Wilson's caffeine addiction. Armed with the DSM-V, Prof. Garner described the symptoms of caffeine addiction, and helped Dr. Wilson with her coffee obsession. Its always great that we can include our lessons from class in hands-on activities, even if they are fun!

Professors George Garner and Elizabeth Wilson dress up for Halloween

You know its time for an intervention when someone starts dressing like their favorite drink!

Even with as much hard work as we put into our daily assignments, its great that we get these fun activities to help strengthen our skills and help us relax! Just more proof that social work at a small school is great!



“Removed” and it’s Effect on Social Work Students


One of the goals of students in the Social Work program here at William Woods is to one day work with children. The foster care system here in America helps children exposed to the negative effects of family life find a home and possible new lease on a life they may not have had otherwise. Students in our Child Abuse and Neglect class viewed the short film "ReMoved” this week and had a strong reaction to the story of how abuse affects the self-image of a child. The film won at least six awards and has worked to help bring attention to both the flaws and benefits of the foster care system here in the United States.

During class, we discussed the way that the actress portrays the hidden difficulties that children within the foster care system, why the foster care system is so important for children, and the role of the social workers in the process. The role of a social worker in these situations can be seen as both a positive and negative aspect in the lives of those affected by the system. For children in abusive households, they are seen as a savior and the person who could bring them to a life where they have a chance at a better life.

"ReMoved Part 2" is currently in production and the social work students here at the Woods are anxiously awaiting it's release.

More information about the "ReMoved" project,  visit .




Keep On Keeping On

Today has been a full day of activities, classes, and practice, and it's not over yet! I woke up this morning to my cell phone playing the song "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran at 7 am, letting me know that it was time for the day to begin! I rolled out of bed fully aware of the days obligations consisting of class at 8 am, 9 am, noon, and 1 pm, my University Ambassador responsibilities at 2 pm, and then practice from 3 pm to 6 pm. It is on days like this that we find ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of commitments we must follow through with. Dealing with stress is an important part of learning to function in the adult world. Here are some tips and tricks that I find useful on those days when I feel overwhelmed.

1. Take things one step at a time! - when you have a lot to accomplish, you must focus on one task at a time and do your best at that very moment. It is easy to let your focus slip onto panicking about how much you have to do. Instead, focus on what you are currently getting done.

2. Focus on the here and now. - if you have many responsibilities to take care of, they can distract you from the here and now. Stay focused and use those thoughts and energy for later projects to keep your motivation up and your motor running.

3. Feel fortunate to have so many opportunities! - it's easy to get down and have a negative attitude about everything that you have to do. You have the opportunity to become better in many different aspects of life! Be the positive light shining down on the situation. Attitude is everything. Keep a smile on your face. It will stimulate creativity and affect those around you in a positive way.

and finally...

4. Plan some down time. - we are only able to stay focused and on task for so long. It is okay, even healthy, to schedule 20 minutes of down time to grab some coffee from the Owl's Nest and relax for a few minutes! Allowing yourself to decompress for a bit can help spur you on to a victorious day!



Fine Design

I seriously love all my design classes this semester. I am taking publication design, typography and intermediate graphic design. This puts me at nine credit hours of pure fun in the Mac lab per week. Of course I have other great classes that I am taking as well, including: Website Development, Interactive Web Communication, Gender Communication and Portfolio Development.

My favorite project out of all of my design classes is the Voluptuous Vera perfume and lipstick double page advertisement. I had a little bit of a designer block on this project; have you ever felt similar to that?

Basically, we were given a bunch of pictures to choose from to create this ad. There were many photographs of products, models and even double page ad examples. I was determined to use a specific picture and was working all of the elements around it. After a week of working and getting nowhere, I realized that I needed to step outside my box and try some of the many other options. (Note that I am still just stuck on the one advertisement, and I still had another one to do!)

After putting my personal feelings aside and letting the "creative juices" flow, I was able to create my first advertisement for Vera Wang lipstick.

Double page magazine lipstick advertisement

This is the double page advertisement that I created for "Voluptuous Vera" lipstick.

Some fun facts about this advertisement are that I created every shade of lipstick on Photoshop, as well as changing the lip colors of the models themselves and I created the striped background from scratch.

The next step in completing my assignment was to create another double page advertisement, so then I was back to square one.

I kept an open mind and played around with the techniques I learned previously in class. The result of the Vera Wang perfume advertisement is my favorite out of the two. I changed the model's eye, eyebrow, lips and dress color, and blended her hair into the background for a sultrier look. Also, this model originally did not have any hair showing, for the image was of her lying horizontally on her side with her arm over her face. I rotated her and put another model with hair behind her to create this look.

Double page perfume advertisement

This is the advertisement that I created for "Voluptuous Vera" perfume.

I am having a lot of fun in my classes this year; I find reassurance every day that Communications and Graphic Design is definitely the path that I should be on with my career.

Could you imagine my advertisements in the folds of your favorite magazine? I always love feedback!