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Trust The Process

Hey, this is Lisa again.girl silhoutte jumping

So... Have I mentioned taking the path not followed is a little terrifying? Even when you know you have the right school, even when you know you have the right classes that will transform you for the next phase of your life cycle, even when you have a supportive spouse--stepping into the abyss is scary.

Trust the process.

I could assail myself with self doubt. But why do that, when lit-er-ally (see clip below) everyone else can do that for me, usually without trying.  When I begin to question my decision to quit my job and attend a university full-time, I think about what Professor Jane Mudd says when students begin to be hypercritical of their art work.  "Trust the process."

She's right.  As we grew into adulthood, we learned how follow-through is important. It is what distinguishes success. The feeling of pride when you stick-to-it, that feeling when you push through the challenges and see that the light at the end of the tunnel is not the train coming toward you, THAT is what we are working toward.

Trust the education.

When I chose WWU, I knew I was making the right investment in my future.  After I began attending classes, some 20 years after my first degree, I realized how much more fulfilling college was this time around. Having had the structure of working in the real world, now I would approach my re-education as my full time job. And as my graduation date in May approaches very quickly, I know that I will be prepared and successful. I trust the process.

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Where College Students Get Their News

If college students were honest, I think they would all admit that when you live on a college campus, you are in a bubble. Students must be conscious about staying up-to-date with the world around them because a lot happens off the William Woods University campus. If you’re like me, once you get to college, you will no longer have the AM and PM newscasts automatically playing on TV (because there are no parents). So, you have to seek out your own news. Here are they ways that I (try) to stay informed about the world around me.

My phone screen showing my many phone apps.

My phone with my many news apps.

1. Apps, Apps, and more Apps
I am addicted to online news apps. On my phone, I have Flipboard, the NPR app, KTAR news, Reason, and Twitter (which is basically all news for me). That might be a bit excessive, but I really like having a lot of news sources where I can receive a lot of different opinions and updates. Plus, they all have push notifications, so I can stay on top of breaking news even when I am not actively seeking it out.

2. Facebook
I don’t follow a lot of news sources on Facebook, but I think we have all experienced the following phenomenon: All of the sudden, every single status is the same. I remember this very distinctly when Paul Walker passed away. I had not read any news about his death, but my news feed flooded with updates. While this is not always the most consistent way to get news, it can be helpful and most of the time accurate (but it’s always good to fact check your friends).

The USA Today newsstand I pass on my way to class.

The USA Today newsstand I pass on my way to class.

3. USA Today Newspapers
This might seem outdated. Not too many college students pick up the paper. But, at William Woods, we get free copies of USA Today! I really enjoy picking them up as I walk to class as they make good passing-period reading material. Recently, I picked up an issue to read their debate coverage. Plus, USA Today has other sections I don’t normally read, like business, so it keeps me up to date on a lot of different subjects.

4. Friends
In my circle of friends, I do a lot of news reading and so I share a lot of news. But, every day when we eat lunch and dinner, news usually circulates around the table. Whether it’s breaking news or the fun fact that a mammoth was found in Michigan, news usually comes up at some point. Friends can be a great, and entertaining, source of news.

5. Funny News Shows
Personally, I don’t really watch a lot of TV, and I especially don’t watch a lot of local news or newscasts. But, I do really enjoy shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver or the monologues on The Tonight Show. While these shows are not the best places to solely receive news, they are hilarious and mostly accurate. And, they often comment on funny or unique topics, which I really like.

And finally, my nerdy moment—I really love watching CSPAN. I think it drives everyone in my dorm room crazy, but I can watch judiciary meetings all day long. This is hardly the most interesting way to receive news, but I do find it interesting. This doesn't get its own point because I might be the only person that does this, but it would be dishonest to leave it out.

It's fun and exciting to stay up on the news, whether it's politics, business, or sports. How do you enjoy getting your news?



My First Blog Post as an Undergrad–Wait! What?

Since this is my first post, you may want to check out my bio.

Why is this my first post? Frankly, there wasn't a World Wide Web the last time I was an undergrad!

Because I am in class with students who are the same age as my own daughters, some students assume I am an instructor. But it's not a big  deal after I confess my student status--most of the students, faculty, and staff think it's cool that I am attending William Woods as a "non-traditional" student. I am enjoying it a lot!

my selfie

Selfie from a previous life as a cubicle-dweller, with pretty-grown-up-daughters in the background.

When I was contemplating what I was going to do "for the rest of my life," I really knew was I wasn't totally happy with my current situation. And the rest of my life was still as daunting as it was when I was graduating from high school.

So I broke it down into smaller decisions, with smaller time horizons. I'm a problem solver, and that's how we do it.

Here are some questions I asked myself:

Q: Can I change careers, to anything, with a quick re-arrangement of my C.V.?

A: Probably not without a great reduction in pay, since moving wasn't an option.

Q: Since I am going to have to get some kind of training, what are my most important needs? The appeal of continuing my status quo was absolute zero. So that ruled out going to classes in the evening while maintaining my full-time job.  I didn't want to continue on my current trajectory.  So, I wasn't up for pursuing a degree at night or online.

A: I needed to consider a nearby university with great faculty who work directly with students and understand their individual needs.

But wait! What are my options?  Just because I want to do something doesn't mean I can--financially speaking.  I want to go back to school. Not only that, I want to go to art school (see my bio), but is my "hubby" down with me not contributing to the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed?

Amazingly, he was okay with that, having embraced the philosophy, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

Yeah! Now to decide which "art school."   I will discuss this in my next post.

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Me and Jodie sitting in golf cart

I sat with Jodie in the cart on our practice round in Arkansas!

This is my first post. You may want to check out my bio before reading.

It has been such a fun and exciting past few days with the women’s golf team; we went to our last tournament of the season. Coming from the United Kingdom, going on a US road trip fascinates me. We went to Arkansas, which started off the subject, how do you actually say Arkansas? With a team full of British, 1 French and 1 American, this really was hysterical to listen and watch! All I kept hearing was “AR-KANSAS” in a British accent and “ Arkansaws” in a French accent. My dreaded 6-hour long journey to Jonesboro really wasn’t that bad. It is hard NOT to have fun on a long journey like that with the people you love and could laugh to ALL day long.

My eyes lit up when we stopped at Subway, this was my moment to indulge in a foot long flat bread, with a large soda and chips to go with it. We finally arrived there at the golf course, and the first thing we ALL do is ask for the WiFi password! I thought I had been lost from the world for days, not being able to use Snapchat, Facebook or any other social media that keeps me happy for only 6 hours! Anyway, everyone was happy and we had a great day practicing and finished off a hard days work with a juicy Chic-Fil-A, followed by Andy’s frozen custard from our Coach! I mean how else would you rather spend your Saturday? With your loving team and some loving food to go down with it!

Cup of concrete

Andy's finest Strawberry cheesecake concrete!

I spent 3 fun nights in a queen sized bed along with a nice cup of hot chocolate every night from the lobby in one of Jonesboro’s finest hotels. Our golf was terrific, I was nervous playing against ALL D1 schools, but the result was great. We came second to Arkansas State University and I placed third individually! My coach was overjoyed and overall we had a fun-filled and successful trip! Not to mention stopping off to Maid Rite in Rolla on the way home really put the icing on the cake!

Thanks for reading!

- Mimmi