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Come One, Come All

William Woods is absolutely beautiful this time of year! Walking to class is an absolute pleasure! Below is a little glimpse of my walk to class today.

I encourage you to come and visit William Woods this fall during our fall admissions events! The first event is the Equine Weekend, the weekend of November 7th. Also, come on out for Discovery Days at William Woods, the weekend of November 14th.

Go to the William Woods University Admissions webpage to set up your visit today!


The Stone-Campbell Apartment Complex

2014-10-22 17.24.11

Here is my home away from home, the Burton Business & Econ Building!

2014-10-22 17.23.14

A majestic overview of Senior Lake!



Winter at The Woods

It has been quite chilly here at The Woods! One of the things I love about this campus is that we are small, so it doesn't take long to get to class even when it's cold outside. I can get all the way across campus in less than five minutes! Everything is close and the barns are located right next to campus, so we can walk there too.

This semester seems to be picking up speed. I'm getting used to my new schedule. Last semester I lived in the Cox Science and Language building, but now I have equestrian classes over at the barn, the communications class, along side my science courses.

I am branching out and taking a class in communications called Argumentation and Debate. It has been really fascinating so far. When I heard it was part of the honor's curriculum, I didn't think about it much, but I'm surprised at how much I enjoy it! It is very different from my typical science course load, and we get to talk about current issues and figure out the most effective way to create an argument in favor of one side. All of the bickering with my sisters growing up seems to have paid off... at least a little :)

Other than my riding class, I'm taking Stable Management and Practical Equine Anatomy and Conditioning in the Equestrian Department. I'm looking forward to the major projects in those classes.

For Stable Management we will design our own facility, whether it be a professional training barn or just a home stable. I think it will be fun to learn about all the different types of things you have to consider. We've started discussing the stall, and I cannot believe how many questions you have to ask in order to design a great stall!

In Practical Equine Anatomy and Conditioning, the major project is to design a conditioning program for a horse (one you own or one you want to own some day). We'll look at not just the actual exercises, but how to build up to a certain conditioning level. I'm excited to see which exercises condition which muscle groups of the horse, and also to learn what kind of diet is the most appropriate depending on age, discipline, and intended use.

Court Warming is coming up at The Woods! We will have events like Minute to Win it, writing letters to soldiers, and voting on the king and queen. The theme this year is Red White and Blue at WWU. I'm most excited for the campus party at Tucker, our dining hall, where they will serve All-American food! All of the events lead up to the basketball game on Saturday. It's a lot of fun because the whole campus really gets involved!


WWU Court Warming 2014


Equine Academic Showcase

This past weekend was a big visit day for our campus. The Admissions team and Equestrian Science Department coordinated a two day event, the Equine Academic Showcase. Students from around the country came to learn about all aspects of William Woods with an emphasis on the Equestrian Department.

Students and their families went on tours of the University, ate lunch in our dining hall, listened to the University President Dr. Barnett speak, and went to all kinds of break out sessions about getting in to William Woods and what it is like to be a college student here.

The focus of the weekend was our Equestrian Studies Department. My favorite part of the weekend was the Parade of Disciplines. Here at The Woods we have all four seats: Western, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Saddle Seat. During the showcase there is an event where a few horses and riders from each seat have time to show the highlights of their discipline. One of the girls from my house actually rode in the Hunter/Jumper section. She is getting ready for a big show this week (they leave today), so she was excited to get some practice in front of a crowd!

After the Parade of Disciplines each barn set up a little session. Everyone toured around and learned about the different instructors and clubs that are associated with each seat. Students and their families fed the horses carrots and learned about how the applied riding and academic classes work over at the barn.

As a University Ambassador, I get to spend time with prospective students talking about all things William Woods. I love answering questions and talking about why I decided to come to The Woods. Over the weekend I served on a Question and Answer Panel and I also was able to host a student. She stayed overnight with me and we watched movies in the basement after all of the events at the Equestrian Complex were over.

Equine Academic Showcase is the event  I attended when I was looking at William Woods. It is so important to visit the school because that is how you truly know you belong. I learned all about the Equestrian Program and the Biology Pre-Vet Program when I visited, and I stayed the night to get a glimpse of what it is like to live on campus.

This weekend is another visit weekend called Discovery Day. There are plenty of other opportunities to come for an individual tour or a visit day throughout the year and I strongly recommend visiting! It is always a good idea to come with questions, and don't be afraid to ask them if they don't get answered somewhere along the way. Maybe I'll even be the one to give you a tour!


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