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Come One, Come All

William Woods is absolutely beautiful this time of year! Walking to class is an absolute pleasure! Below is a little glimpse of my walk to class today.

I encourage you to come and visit William Woods this fall during our fall admissions events! The first event is the Equine Weekend, the weekend of November 7th. Also, come on out for Discovery Days at William Woods, the weekend of November 14th.

Go to the William Woods University Admissions webpage to set up your visit today!


The Stone-Campbell Apartment Complex

2014-10-22 17.24.11

Here is my home away from home, the Burton Business & Econ Building!

2014-10-22 17.23.14

A majestic overview of Senior Lake!


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Autumn at Woods

Swing for the Fences!

This is me (#9) taking a swing at a fastball in our first fall scrimmage! Go Owls!

So begins the fall season at William Woods. 75 degrees of sunshine accompanied by the autumn breeze await me as I walk down the stairs of my Stone Campbell on-campus apartment. The fall is my favorite season because it symbolizes a break from the heat of a Missouri summer and a welcome mood boost from Mother Nature herself.

The fall means spending time outdoors and enjoying the cordial music streaming out of the Greek Houses as I walk to class. Everyone at Woods is as happy as the sun is bright during this autumn season! You can find me out on the baseball field with my team or spending time with some of the best friends this world has to offer!

For me, autumn at William Woods means getting back into the swing of baseball with my teammates during our fall season. On the baseball team, we practice all week long and host few fall scrimmages in our short and sweet fall baseball season. Pairing up a sports season with an academic schedule is no easy task. However, the environment here at William Woods allows us to get our education while maintaining a high academic standard and playing the game that we love. Student-athlete truly is the best of both worlds! When I'm not on the field practicing, you can find me in the library sharpening my mind or at my residence in the Stone Campbell Apartment Complex getting some rest and recuperation. All in all, the fall puts a smile on my face. There is no place I would rather be than WWU!

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The Hoot magazine is ready for October

I am so very excited for the month of October. The leaves will turn beautiful fall colors, everything will be pumpkin and the Volume 4: Issue 1 of the campus magazine, the Hoot, will finally be coming out.


This year I am the Editor-In-Chief of the campus magazine and I could not be more thrilled. We have a lot of great stories planned for the first issue: everything from Shryock’s Corn Maze to Emotional Support Animals to Helen Stephens. I wrote three articles for: Who is Helen Stephens?, This is Cake Town, and Sidewalks.

Mario Cart, Cupcakes

Here is a sneak peak from the "This is Cake Town" article, about adjunct art history professor Anna Meyer and her allergen-free bakery.


I was worried about the first issue of the Hoot because we have two new faculty advisors and a largely new staff. However, I had faith in my leadership skills to make this the best magazine yet. After a lot of meeting, planning and thinking I am so happy to say that the new and improved edition will be out this next month!


Our new advisors are professor Bob Elliot and Dr. Steve Huenneke. They have been extremely supportive and knowledgeable on all topics. Though Bob Elliot is a graphic arts professor and Steve Huenneke is an economic professor they both received an undergraduate degree in journalism. They have been able to help with all aspects of magazine from layout, photography, content and business/sales. They teach me something new every time that I speak with them, I feel that I am very lucky to have them as mentors.


I feel extremely confident in my staff and I. I hope that the campus enjoys the new changes that have been made to make the magazine more of a student voice. I also hope that the staff has gotten as much of a learning experience out of the magazine that I have had.

My most favorite new thing about the magazine is that it has a new logo, that I created.


The Hoot magazine, new logo.



It makes me feel extremely proud to have a polished and professional publication to put on my resume. The Hoot and many of the clubs that I am involved with are definitely the reason that I was able to have an amazing internship at Inside Columbia Magazine this summer.


The managing editor and I think that it is a good idea to change the background color of the logo each issue, what do you think?

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It’s Mid-November Already?

This semester is going by really fast! Here at the Woods we have less than twenty days of class, and Thanksgiving break will be here in two weeks. The weather just started getting colder, the trees are dropping the last of their leaves, and Walmart has put out their Christmas stuff. Everyone is experiencing the end of semester rush to finish up those semester long projects and take the last sets of tests before finals.


The leaves are falling all over campus

My classes are still going well. I'm towards the end of my last set of tests before finals which is crazy! I can't believe that it is already the middle of November and I'm going to be finished with this set of courses in just a few weeks. I enjoy my classes right now and I'm almost sad that they will be changing, but I'm hoping that my courses next semester are just as fun.

Psychology has gotten really interesting over the past few weeks. Right now we're talking about psychological disorders and the previous chapter was all about stress. While the disorders are not really "fun", it is interesting to learn about how many different kinds there are and what each one entails.

In Microbiology I'm learning all about viruses. They are very strange little things and they come in all shapes and do all sorts of different things in their hosts. We just took a test in Genetics on Monday and are between units at the moment. Last week in lab we isolated plasmid DNA, which is extra genetic material that gives bacteria cool little powers that aren't essential for living like antibiotic resistance or warfare chemicals. We finished up the plant research project a few weeks ago. I had normal plants (boring) but there were a few people who got mutants that will help Dr. Hesse with her research!

Organic Chemistry is quite the challenge, but surprisingly it is still interesting. We have done some cool separations and other techniques in lab. Earlier in the semester we actually identified what a particular compound was based on the temperature at which it melts! It is kind of cool that you can figure out what you have just based on one property. We also spent a few weeks isolating clove oil from whole cloves. We did a test to figure out how pure our extraction was using thin layer chromatography and UV light.


My lab partner Hallie working on the melting point lab


Testing our clove oil sample


Looking at our clove oil sample using UV light

I am starting to get excited for Thanksgiving break. Some of the girls from my sorority are taking road trips to see their families as well, and a few of the people who live far away will tag a long and adopt a family for Thanksgiving if they don't want to travel all the way home.  Because my grandparents live in St. Louis, my family is flying here from Colorado so we can all be together! My older sister will drive down from her school in Iowa to be with us as well. Over the break my younger sister will turn 16, and when she gets home she'll be able to get her driver's liscence (scary thought).

This weekend I'm going to the St. Louis Science Center with the Biology Club. I think I've gone before as a kid with my grandparents, but I don't really remember it. I'm excited to go see what's there now and hopefully do some exploring in the city!


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