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A Little More About Me!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to take the time to post a little something extra about myself and maybe give everyone a deeper look into who I am and why I am a social work major here on campus. Just like we start all of our classes with some sort of icebreaker, I figured I would do the same for this blog.

My name is Ryan Stocker and I am a social work and psychology double major with a juvenile justice minor. I am what some call a special case here on campus since I am majoring in two giant helping professions, which takes up a good chunk of my life. Luckily, I'm able to combine these two amazing majors due to the fact that they complement each other so well. I'm able to apply the things that I learn in my psychology courses while in my social work courses, and vice versa. When I changed my major to Social Work, I sat down with my advisor and we created a plan for how I could earn both degrees and still earn the minor in Juvenile Justice! The professors here are amazing and are so willing to work with students so that we can remain focused on our class work and balance how we plan to graduate on time!

A little more about me; I am from Fenton, a suburb of Saint Louis. I am the oldest, with one younger brother, Matthew, and my parents, Wendy and Steve. I went to Lindbergh Senior High School, graduating with almost 600 students, so coming to a school like William Woods was a total culture shock.

I went through high school convinced that I was going to another university and major in computer engineering or design. I worked a lot for the student IT department and fully planned to continue on with my goal until my senior year of school. During that time, one of my extremely close friends dealt with a lot of serious behavioral and psychological issues and standing beside them gave me a lot of insight into the social work profession.

I came into William Woods wanting a career that works with children and teens dealing with self image issues, self injury, and other behavioral problems, and  as time has progressed, I found that social work has many opportunities to help that demographic!. In a world with increasingly more and more issues facing families, communities and society, social workers are needed more and more; so hopefully by the time I graduate there will be a perfect spot for me to fit into and help kids in my area.

Over the next semester I plan on covering everything from a day in the life of a social work student, to having some of our current social work seniors write as guest bloggers about their current experiences in their field internships. Feel free to contact me with any ideas for things that you would like to see more of at and I'll do my best to include them in a post or two!



Summer Internship

When Freshman Advantage was over at the end of June, it meant that I was to go on to the next adventure in my life - being an intern at Fox 2 news in St. Louis.


I've had internships before, but this one felt....different. I was excited and nervous (of course) but more than ready to prove myself at a place where I knew I was going to learn and grow so much.

Side-note: I may or may not have driven to Chicago after FA to visit a friend before I started my internship. I may or may not have done it because I was so nervous excited about starting. And it may or may not have been planned less than a week before I went. Hey, I'm a college student...road trips are to be expected!

I'm lucky enough to have family in St. Louis who graciously housed me during my internship, which lasted until I came back to school for Community Adviser (CA) training. That was about six weeks of having another adult (that's not a word I associate myself with just yet - eek) living with and wreaking havoc on your normal routine, even though I promised they wouldn't even notice me. Kind of hard to hide in your room when your adorable niece and nephew are yelling up the stairs at you to come down and play (just saying). But I digress. My sister and her family were awesome in letting me interrupt their lives for the summer and I really appreciated it (still do).

My sister is also the reason I was even able to have an internship to begin with - she has worked at Fox 2 for quite a few years now as a producer/writer/director and I am in no way ashamed of the fact that she helped me land the internship - thanks Peggy! If there is any advice that I can give someone, it is to not feel bad about networking with someone! As long as you put your best efforts forward and work hard, people will not mind putting a good word in for you.

The experience was amazing and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I was able to work with so many different people and personalities, gain knowledge in news broadcasting, and network. I worked with producers, directors, editors, writers, reporters, and pretty much every other job one could have at a news station; the one area I spent most of my time in however, was with the web crew.

I learned how to upload content, updated all of the social media sites, and learned new media aspects - it was an invaluable experience. Definitely showed me that I would love a job doing interactive web media or something along those lines. I now also get this awesome internship to put on my resume which I'm hopeful will prove useful in the (very near) future.

So that was basically my summer, in two blog posts! What did you do over the summer? Make sure to comment down below!

Have a great Wednesday!


Sally Jane