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Welcome to Greek Life

Allow me to begin this blog post by letting you know the life has been excellent as of late! Great things are happening all around me. The Owls Baseball Team is performing well on a consistent basis, sporting a record of 28 wins and 9 losses. We have two weekends left in the regular season and then we head off to compete in the conference tournament to play for a conference title and a trip the national tournament.

Also, the founding of a new fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma, at William Woods has been progressing swimmingly. We've been able to assemble a great group of guys with the qualities of leadership, ambition, optimism, and individuality. By embracing one another, we have been able to broaden our own horizons and develop a culture of open-mindedness. I am proud that I took the first step, with many of my brothers, to do something new. To challenge ourselves. To be the best men we can possibly be at all times.

William Woods Greek Life offers a one of a kind opportunity to those who join. Not only does going Greek offer a sense of involvement in the community, it also sets you up to make new, lifelong friends. I am fortunate to be a part of the family that is Greek Life at WWU!


My new Sigma Tau Gamma brothers and I on the night of our association ceremony!



Greek Week!

This week is a very special week here at the Woods, it is Greek Week! This is a week where all of the sorority and fraternity chapters on campus can unite together and raise money and awareness for a cause, while also celebrating accomplishments. The cause for the last few years has been the Buddy Pack program.

Nutritiousbackpack-244x300The Buddy Pack program was created because for many students on free and reduced priced school meals are their only area of reliable nutrition. This puts them at risk for hunger over the weekend. The Food Bank provides Buddy Packs to children in elementary schools, 28 of the 32 counties.

Buddy Packs are backpacks filled with kid-friendly, nutritious food that students take home over the weekend or holiday periods to supplement their meals when there is not enough for them to eat at home. After the weekend, volunteers at the schools then refill their packs.

I had my first experience with the Buddy Pack program when I was in high school. I was a member of National Honor Society and we would stuff Buddy Packs for children at our school for part of our service work. It means a lot to me that I am still able to contribute.

The main part of the week is raising funds and awareness, but I am also excited for the awards ceremony. I was on the panel that did the interviews for the awards and I am really excited to see the faces of the winners. They truly deserve it.

This is the schedule for the week: 

Monday, April 6–

  • Start fundraising for the Buddy Pack program.
  • Banners Up!
    • Have banners up! These banners should say Greek Week as well as have something on it about the Buddy Pack program

Wednesday, April 8 –

6 p.m.– Gym

  • Fun games and activities in the gym. We will be combining the chapters and contestants will be picked at random to play multiple games and activities.

Thursday April 9–

6 p.m. – Dulany Auditorium

  • Greek Awards and Service Award Winner
    • This WILL be a formal event. Please come dressed in pin clothes. (Pin clothes are dress clothes that you wear with your sorority/fraternity pin or badge.)
  • All Buddy Pack fundraising money will be due by noon at CSI.

Friday April 10 –

Woods 101 Event, Aldridge

  • Buddy Backpack stuffing, if you are a student coming to 101 please join us

This is going to be a busy but amazing week. On top of this schedule, we have Sigma Alpha Epsilon's philanthropy week. This is a fraternity over at Westminster. They have events throughout the week to raise money for their philanthropy, Lafayette County Cancer Coalition. They are raising awareness for Bile Duct cancer. I am so proud to be making such a difference in one week, this is the stuff that I live for!


I can't wait to see you all at Woods 101. Please comment below if you are planning on attending, I would love to meet you!




“Family” Fun

When I was applying for college, I never even considered Greek Life. I didn't see myself as your typical "sorority girl", the ones who show up in television shows and movies. Then I went to Freshman Advantage and I met many mentors who participated in Greek Life here at The Woods, and my opinion about Greek Life changed a little bit. Upon moving in, I still didn't expect to join a house, but at the end of recruitment I had fallen in love with Greek Life and Alpha Phi.

Greek Life on campus is a great way to get involved! As a Sophomore, I am an officer in my house and I've made great friends. We have a lot of fun events across the Greek Community and in Alpha Phi.

Sophomore pledge class! This is the group I entered Alpha Phi with last fall.

Sophomore pledge class! This is the group I entered Alpha Phi with last fall.

Every year we have a Father's Weekend in the fall where we invite our dads to come visit. We just had ours two weeks ago, and my dad came and we had a great time!

The highlights of the weekend were a skeet/trap shooting trip, and a BBQ at our sorority house! The first time my dad and I shot skeet was last year during Father's Weekend. We both hit 3 targets out of about 35. This year neither of us hit a single target (we like to blame it on the rain, though that probably had nothing to do with it), but we had a blast anyway! Some of the other dads had lots of shooting experience, and they tried to help us but we didn't get all that far. I'll be able to give my dad a hard time about his aim for a very long time!

We had a lot of fun learning to shoot with our dads!

We had a lot of fun learning to shoot with our dads!

When I first decided to join a house, my parents did not really understand what it meant. They, like me, only knew the stereotypes portrayed by the media. After coming to Father's Weekend two years in a row, my dad understands exactly why I went Greek. I have made so many great relationships, memories, and I have learned leadership skills and made connections that will help me later in life.

This coming weekend is Fall Family Weekend for William Woods. My mom is coming to visit and I am so excited to see her! It is nice that my parents can come to Fulton to spend time with me during the school year. They like to "adopt" other girls in my sorority who live too far away for their parents to come. We all go shopping in Columbia, out to dinner, or even just hang out and watch movies. It's really fun! Having so many sorority sisters has given me a home here at William Woods and my "family" has gotten so much bigger!

I hope you are enjoying fall! Remember to spend some time with your family :)



“Are YOU My Sisters?”

Five days before classes begin each fall, the new freshmen move into their rooms at William Woods to begin orientation—a fun, fast-paced, whirlwind of an introduction to life at The Woods! One part of the orientation activities is Greek recruitment: the process where the female freshmen get to visit all the sororities (and the males get to visit the fraternities) to decide if they want to join a house and, if so, which one! Recruitment is always one of my very favorite times of the year, both when I was an incoming freshman and then as a returning upperclassman. I want to take this opportunity to walk you through my recruitment process this year—my senior year—as a member of Alpha Chi Omega.

Day 1: House Hop

All of us dressed up and ready to give house tours!

All of us dressed up and ready to give house tours!

The day you move onto campus, you and your family get to tour each of the sorority houses. Today is the day for you to get an understanding of the overall feel of all the houses and some basic information on what Greek life is all about. Even if you have visited the houses before, it’s a good idea to take the opportunity to walk through them again with an open mind now that you are seriously considering joining one of them.


Day 2: Open House

Eilie Cole, Shelby Dorfman, and Elsa Stiles posing for a quick picture before Open House begins.

Eilie Cole, Shelby Dorfman, and Elsa Stiles posing for a quick picture before Open House begins.

The next day is Open House, the day for each of the four houses to explain what their philanthropy is and what they are passionate about. A philanthropy is an organization or cause that each sorority (and fraternity) supports and raises money for. At Alpha Chi Omega, we raise money for the fight against rape and domestic violence. I love this night because it gives us the opportunity to explain to the freshmen who we are and what we are passionate about.


Day 3: Skit Night

The rest of the cast and I getting ready to perform our skit for the freshmen!

The rest of the cast and I getting ready to perform our skit for the freshmen!



Next comes one of my favorite nights of recruitment! On skit night, the freshmen visit three houses, where they enjoy more conversation with the upperclassmen and watch the skit we have prepared! The skits are usually spoofs off of a popular movie or TV show that the women in the chapter have altered to make them about their specific sorority. Our skit for Alpha Chi Omega is based off of the movie Grease! I got to play Sandy the last two years… SO much fun!

Day 4: Pref Night

Showing off our crazy heels for pref!

Showing off our crazy heels for pref!

Freshmen only visit two houses on pref night (short for “preference night”). This is the last and most serious day of recruitment. Pref night gives the women of each sorority a chance to tell the freshmen about the value of sisterhood and identify exactly what being involved in their chapters has meant to them. For both the incoming freshmen and the returning upperclassmen, pref night is extremely special and heartfelt. I remember enjoying pref night my freshman year, and it has continued to mean more to me every year.

Day 5: BID DAY!!

Our new member, Julia Carney, being welcomed by her sister and other girls in the house!

Our new member, Julia Carney, being welcomed by her sister and other girls in the house!

Last but certainly not least comes the best day of all: bid day! This is the big day where the new freshmen find out which house they are officially a new member of and come running out of the dome into the arms of their new sisters! The upperclassmen help all the new girls haul their things from their temporary dorm rooms into their new rooms in the sorority house, and then the rest of the day is dedicated to spending time with everyone in the house so we can all get to know each other better. I love having the opportunity to spend time together before classes start the next day and we all get pulled in a million different directions.


I can’t even express how much I have loved being a member of Alpha Chi Omega and what a positive impact it has had on my four years at college. It’s funny; I never, ever thought I would join a sorority (in fact, in high school I swore I would NEVER join one), but that decision was only based off of the negative stereotypes I had heard about sororities. At William Woods, though, none of those stereotypes are accurate. Every single woman (in every single house) is genuine and down-to-earth. If you are an incoming freshman trying to decide whether or not to go through recruitment, I would absolutely encourage you to give it a try. You can drop out of recruitment at any time if you decide it’s not for you, so you really have nothing to lose—but potentially everything to gain. Through my relationship with Alpha Chi Omega and the women in it, I have gained leaderships skills I will be able to apply to my career after I graduate and friendships that will last a lifetime.