American Sign Language (ASL) – A Hands-On Degree in Demand

Language is a constantly evolving experience of the human condition, and William Woods University (WWU) is on the cutting edge of one of the largest growing languages in the nation – American Sign Language (ASL). William Woods enjoys a rich history with its nationally-renowned ASL degree program, working with the Deaf community to inspire young people with a commitment to greater inclusion and diversity.

Our campus has professors with years of experience with the language and the communities that use it, giving their insight and unique signing styles to students. One of those gifted professors is Dr. Carrie McCray, who described her favorite part of teacher.

“What I love about teaching at William Woods is the nature of the small classroom,” she said. “I love teaching those students who really want to learn and love it when they have that ‘a-ha!’ moment of that’s what you’re doing with language—that’s how you make that work.”

The campus itself is located less than three miles from Missouri’s School for the Deaf, making it a close partner in instruction and a valuable resource in the education of William Woods students. Within the ASL labs, students have available to them computers equipped with software for practicing instruction, as well as hands on experience working with members of the Deaf community. This ensures students receive the most well-rounded education possible. 

“This program is special because it is taught by deaf individuals who know both the language and the culture, because both are so important,” said Felice Allen, ’22. “It is also open for growth; as double majors can be involved just as easily as anyone else. Students here can explore the possibilities of the ASL work force with the tremendous involvement of other majors around campus.”

The demand for qualified interpreters in the world has never been greater, giving ample opportunity for incoming students to find their passion within the language and a stable career within the community. William Woods provides a cohesive and unique experience for all students, giving them the tools needed to help connect bridges in every situation.

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