Communication at William Woods University: A Degree with Impact

Photo of a WWU student working in the local radio station

With a growing and diverse population of content producers, a degree in Communication can help anyone stand apart from the crowd. What William Woods University (WWU) brings to the table, however, is a Communication degree program that educates its students to be well-versed in all aspects of the trade, and not just one particular concentration. This emphasis guarantees workforce readiness for our graduates, along with a confidence in creating all kinds of content. The school provides a realistic outlook on effective communications, whether it is to large audiences or through face-to-face conversations. Professors have extensive experience pertaining to each concentration, whether that is journalism, speech, public relations or digital filmmaking, each with trained eyes to find the best ideas for improving a student’s abilities. 

            “You can find a ‘sink-or-swim’ atmosphere in many large schools,” said Melissa Alpers-Springer, a Communication professor at William Woods. “William Woods provides more contact with the professors, so students feel support. We don’t let anyone sink here. We’ve constructed the communication program so that everyone dabbles in every one of the concentrations so by the time they get to graduate, they are ready to go!”

WWU Communication students pursue their degree with all the tools necessary for the trade. The school’s computer lab has Mac computers prepared with software for editing, designing, and creating anything desired by the students for creating content. 94.9 FM The Pulse is the William Woods student-run radio station that provides hands-on experience in the exciting field of broadcast communications. And then there is the senior seminar class, the culmination of what our soon-to-be-graduates have learned. Lasting for a semester, each of the seniors combine their strengths to take on a comprehensive project, displaying their abilities within the community and on campus for feedback from a panel of professors. Each student is responsible for having their hand in the project, rounding out their abilities and presenting their growth to the department. 

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