Why Choose William Woods University for your Degree in Education?

Alumni Whitney David Eastwood working at Bush Elementary

Education is a consistent area of training and study, and William Woods University (WWU) is at the forefront for expansive expertise for prospective teachers. WWU has been training teachers since nearly the beginning of its history, making it a leading center for people dedicated to the mission of educating the world’s youth. There are five main programs available for study, four of which are congruent with becoming a Missouri-certified educator. As prospective educators, students at William Woods have all the support needed to make sure they hit all of the necessary qualifications for becoming a teacher before graduating.

One portion of the department here at William Woods that excels beyond normal expectations of teacher training is the clinical placement program. As prospective educators, students are required to spend a certain amount of time shadowing teachers in the public school systems to learn and see what it is like to be in a functioning classroom. The professors at William Woods work closely with the nearby school districts to ensure the best quality pairings. The Director of the School of Education, James Concannon said, “William Woods works hard in clinical placements to ensure students are paired with veteran teachers that have several years of experience and the degrees that warrant them to be a good mentors and role models for up and coming teachers at that level.” With that in mind, a degree from William Woods in education guarantees a well-constructed system for getting the right experiences before joining the field. 

As students make their way through the program, they garner the skills necessary to teach the next generation of leaders, while still feelings valued by the team of professors who are certified across every discipline. “The education professors are all so down to earth and really care about our success and would do anything to help us reach our goals,” says Makayla Trone ’20, “All of the education professors have tons of experience in different realms of the education world and it makes it neat for us to see all sides of the field. They also have real world examples to teach us which makes what we are learning more valuable and more applicable to our field experiences.” Utilizing the help from caring professors dedicated to creating more skilled educators confirms that every student will get to see the inner-workings of a successful classroom do what they were meant to do: educate upcoming generations to guarantee a positive future.

For more information on this and the many other in-class or online degree programs offered by William Woods University, please visit: https://www.williamwoods.edu/academics/index.html