William Woods University English Degree Program: Cross-Dimensional Exploration

Photo of a student studying in the WWU library

For generations of students captivated by art of storytelling, literature and the beauty of the written word, an education in English from William Woods University (WWU) provides the opportunity to be a part of a story greater than themselves.

The English degree program at The Woods has a talented team of four professors, each with their own expertise in the field, with a demonstrated capability of developing comprehensive learning experiences for every student. Students at William Woods join a close-knit circle of avid writers and readers, with interests spanning the many facets of the language, including rhetoric and analysis, contemporary writing, classical literature, and film. Within this creative community, students can find their place in the growing world of literature.

While some colleges adhere to the traditional practice of merely reading text and writing about it, William Woods professors champion the idea of cross-dimensional work, allowing students to explore their own interests and find what appeals to them. Students are often encouraged to take their work to the next professional level by searching for outlets that will publish creative work. An emphasis on storytelling allows students to go beyond the expected literature analysis paper and instead create something new.

“Everyone is always so supportive and wants the best for you,” said Hannah Cronin ‘20. “They introduce you to different ways of getting your work published, and encourage you to write and read books that will make you grow instead of just entertain.” 

“Confidence with the language is our main goal. If you can acquire that, along with a knowledge and sureness in your usage of it, you can do almost anything,” said Dr. Erik Hillskemper, WWU professor and Director of Humanities. “There are a number of career avenues someone can take with this type of degree, especially at William Woods.”

Professors such as Dr. Hillskemper provide students with the support they need to be successful and tell their own story – in any capacity they see fit. Through open discussion, thoughtful evaluation from faculty, and a community of those dedicated to writing, any literature lover can find their place in the English degree program at William Woods University.

For more information on this and the many other in-class or online degree programs offered by William Woods University, please visit: https://www.williamwoods.edu/academics/index.html