William Woods University Exercise Science Program: The Degree of the Future

Photo of an exercise science class at William Woods University

Working in congruence with the sports teams on campus, William Woods has a strong exercise and sports science program, allowing athletes and those who are interested in sports to work towards a more physically inclusive career. The program offers five unique concentrations, each directed by professors and coaches alike to ensure peak performance in students’ education. With the rapid growth of the industry, students have a variety of paths to follow with the resources to find their perfect fit within the context of health and fitness. “People in this field actually have careers in a variety of settings. We can work in the traditional settings with high school students, college athletes, and professional sports,” says Steve Middleton, a professor here at William Woods. “There are also emerging fields of practice, such as industrial medicine in large companies and factories, where they may offer an on-site rehab clinic to address injuries in the workplace.” The exercise science degree at William Woods University includes coursework in exercise physiology, kinesiology, fitness testing and prescription, and program design, giving students the structure needed to better care for athletes and patients in the future while putting real heart into their work.

Students are able to take advantage of the Center for Human Performance, which is home to a niche exercise testing and rehabilitation equipment for learning and studying the use of materials available. Students are also encouraged to find leadership opportunities within sports teams to foster a greater sense of interest and responsibility within their education. All practices are proctored by professions who harbor the same passion for real-life experiences within the sports and exercise industry, providing their opinions and knowledge on an evolving environment.

For more information on this and the many other in-class or online degree programs offered by William Woods University, please visit: https://www.williamwoods.edu/academics/index.html