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Churchill Challenge

I can't believe it's almost October of my senior year at William Woods. The fun times have blown by so fast right in front of my face. I have really been striving to do everything that I haven't done yet, so I made a Fulton "Bucket List".

It's a collaborative list of things my friends and I want to do before our time in Fulton ends. After graduation, we will be going many directions; from grad schools and jobs all across the U.S. It is really hard to imagine life when I don't have all my friends within five minutes of me, so let's not think about it just yet.

One fun thing that we did was participate in the Churchill Color Challenge 5k. I had been working on my running all summer long and just so happened to see a poster for the 5k when I was at the YMCA one day. I immediately texted my other friends that love to run and we signed up.

Brandy, Sally Jo and me were ready to go for the start of the race.

Brandy, Sally Jo and I were ready to go for the start of the race.

While running the race, some familiar WWU faces threw color on us. And our friend, Baylie snapped a picture.

Brandy and me running on the WWU campus stretch of the 5k.

Brandy and me running on the WWU campus stretch of the 5k.

Closer to the end we passed two of our favorite faculty members/administrators, Drs. Venita Mitchell and Carrie McCray.

Finished the 5k with a smile.

Finished the 5k with a smile.

I am so proud that I was able to participate in something so awesome and so dear to the Fulton community. I look forward to many more 5ks in the future and more fun to be had in Fulton this year.

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