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5… 4… 3… 2… Second Semester!

Hello, friends!  It’s been a long winter break but it is so exciting to have all the students and faculty back on campus.  I’ve missed all of my classmates, Chi Omega sisters, and professors!
                Although I’ve spent a lot of time this winter on campus for basketball, there’s so much that’s been happening that I cannot wait to share.  Today I can get you caught up with my crazy experiences over the last few weeks.
                When basketball starts in September, it doesn’t slow down until late March.  Playing a sport in college is a major commitment, but the time you spend with your teammates that become family makes it all worth it (and it never hurts to play the game you love, either!).  The team had a short break to go home and spend time with our families for Christmas, so I ventured back home to Archie!  After being in college for a while, it’s fun to go home and take it easy with your loved ones.  We celebrated Christmas at my aunt’s home this year, and if your family is anything like mine then you know how difficult and strenuous it is to get everyone together for a family photo!  Fortunately, my family played along and we took a few pictures together.  There was laughter… there were tears…  These pictures should speak for themselves, actually!  The first is my family.  From the left is yours truly, next to my parents, Cary and Tammara, followed by my sister Kelsey and her husband Jordan.  The next picture was when the tears came into play.  See the cutie with the panda bear hat?  That's Abigail, and she insisted we take a photo of all the girls.  Can you spot the tears?!  Probably my favorite photo of all    family 2
                After Christmas, my team returned to the Woods to continue to practice and get better this season.  Like I said before, these people have become my family and being together over break made us that much closer.  A typical day would include practice, lunch together, long naps, movie marathons, and dinner.  Most of the time, we would be surrounded by our teammates and having a blast doing whatever it is that sounded like fun.
                Every year, our coach Dan Chapla invites us to his home for a meal made by his wife, Gara.  This is one of my favorite times of the year because coach Chapla has two of the coolest kids, and Gara makes really, REALLY delicious food.  If there is any question on who is the most spoiled team at WWU, it is definitely the women's basketball team.  Although we are pretty pampered, we are really thankful to be invited into the Chapla’s home, and we always have a wonderful time!  For whatever reason, we like to make coach's dinners have a dress code or a theme.  The last two Christmases, we've dubbed it a pajama party and the following picture was the result!  Modeling the footie pajamas next to me are my teammates Julia, Paige, and Destani, and we are joined by the one and only, Luke Chapla.  pjs
                Between games, practices and hanging out, break went by so quickly.  Before we knew it, students were returning to campus and moving back into the residence halls!  When my Chi Omega sisters started to arrive, I was all smiles.  It’s great to see your friends from all over the place come back to their home away from home.  I’m really looking forward to all the events and activities we have planned for this year!  With the new year came new leadership in our sorority, as well.  Just this week, the new Executive Board in our Chi Omega chapter was installed.  I am fortunate enough to be chosen for a position again this year, and I’ll be watching over scholarship and the academic success in the house as Vice President!  I’m so happy to serve with the other members of our executive board, too.  We have such a great group of women to lead us, and I will be here to share it all with YOU!
                Second semester is going to be busy, but it’s already so much fun!  I’ll keep you posted on the activities and events I’m attending so you can see into my life as a student at the place I love most, William Woods University!  Thanks for reading 🙂
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