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5 Benefits to Becoming a College Equestrian

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I hope you're enjoying, or enjoyed, your spring break. As many students are making their final college decisions, I thought I would share my thoughts on the benefits of the college-equestrian-life. William Woods' Equestrian Science program brings many students to campus who are interested in pursuing an equine education. There are many adjustments to make when transitioning to a college equestrian atmosphere, versus a riding or lesson program at home, but below I have listed out the great advantages.

Learning anatomy by painting a horse.

Learning anatomy by painting a horse.

  1. Lots of People to Learn From

Some students may come from large barns, but the vast majority of people probably don't experience an equestrian environment as rich and diverse as William Woods'. There are so many students and faculty with a variety of experiences to learn from. If you want to know about something horse-related at William Woods, there's someone or some resource that can help you on campus.

  1. Lots of Horses to Learn From

Just as there are many people to learn from, there are a variety of horses, too. In a lesson program, a student might ride a few horses, but at William Woods there are over 150 to experience! They come from so many backgrounds and teach the students how to handle to many situations.

  1. Multiple Disciplines

Most students come from barns that only featured one discipline, but at William Woods you can experience one of four seats! While many people have a seat in mind when they start riding, it's not uncommon for a student to find a new seat they enjoy. The environment at William Woods allows students to do a lot of exploration and experimentation.

  1. Classroom Instruction
My roommate, Catie, hugs Magic the barn cat.

When you're not learning, you can cuddle with one of the three barn cats.

Many lesson programs are solely focused on riding, but here at WWU students not only learn while riding but in the classroom, too. There is so much to learn about handling and healing horses, and much of that instruction starts in the classroom.

  1. Care, Care, and More Care

Before I started school at William Woods, I had never administered any medication, wrapped a leg, or taken a horse's vitals. Now I have done it all dozens of times. It's the hands-on atmosphere that taught me all of these skills, which I had never learned by taking lessons.

There's a lot to learn as an equestrian, and William Woods can teach you anything.


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  1. Cuddling with barn cats is an extremely important facet of any equestrian’s career!

  2. I find this program pretty amazing. Horses rising is great fun, but being extra careful is a must.

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  17. I just finished my first year on the equestrian team at my university and going back for my second year. I was actually able to bring my horse with me though, as he was trained to the standards of the schools show horses.

  18. There’s a lot to learn as an equestrian

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