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5 Things I Love about William Woods!

Choosing your college is important and you have to find the best fit for you as a person. Here are some things I love about William Woods:

1.Small Campus

Being on a small campus can be really irritating because you think everybody knows your business. But it really isn’t! The woods is small enough that you can walk past pretty much anybody and say hi. What more do you want walking to an 8 am class and someone walking by saying hi to help make your day.

2. Short Walks

We are lucky that our campus is basically in one big circle, the longest walk to class is no longer than 5 minutes (depending on how fast you walk).

Me, on the Lake

Me, on the Lake

3. Friendly Faculty and Professors

This was a big fear of mine being an international student. I was anxious to see what my professors would be like. From my freshman year to now my final senior semester, all professors and faculty have been extremely kind and helpful. My first encounter entering William Woods being scared and afraid was with Dr. Venita Mitchell. She helped me overcome me being homesick and adjusting to life here and I will forever be grateful.

4. Dulany Library

The library’s basement is the best place to lock yourself away from civilization and just concentrate on reading a book or doing your homework. It is like a little maze, you could get lose but it is the most peaceful place.

5. Junior Lake

The Lake is a perfect getaway to relax either sunbathing in the hot weather or kayaking with friends. You can relax at the dock, play sand volleyball or just chill and watch.

Let me know if you want to know all the other things I love about WWU!

Have a great rest of your week!


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  1. I am the same. I always like having short walk and small campus after reading and meal at break.

  2. Super option, I think one of the best thing is …

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  4. We are lucky that our campus is basically in one big circle, the longest walk to class is no longer than 5 minutes (depending on how fast you walk).

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