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5 Ways to Stay Healthy during Spring Semester

Hi all, and Happy New Year!

The start of 2016 means it's time for spring semester. And whether you're headed back to high school or college, it's important to stay healthy. No one likes falling behind after a bout with the flu or some other sickness. Here are my suggestions for keeping healthy in the coming semester:

1. Get Your Flu Shot

The Flu Ends With YouIt's not too late to get your shot to protect yourself and others. When you're around a lot of students, you're introduced to a lot of germs. Protecting yourself helps keep your and your classmates healthy.

2. Wash your Hands

Regular hand washing will decrease bacteria and other infectious agents. Washing your hands after you sneeze or cough,or after interacting with others keeps you and others healthy, preventing the spread of germs.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

This is a healthy habit to start now, before the semester starts. If you've been sleeping in and staying up late over break, now is a good time to start readjusting. Ease yourself back into your morning routine by rising earlier and going to bed sooner. This will make the first day of class a little easier.

4. Exercise & Eat Healthily

Need I say more? Again, it's easier to maintain habits if you start before you head back to school.

5. Boost your Mood

Happy Smiley Face


The interactions between mood and physical health are complex, but you might have a better chance at staying healthy if you're in a better mood. Whether it's a placebo effect, stress-related, or other reasons, your mood may affect your health--so it doesn't hurt to keep happy. While you're busy with school, don't forget to boost your mood by enjoying time with your friends or favorite activities.

Stay healthy in the New Year!


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  1. It’s important to stay healthy because without good health, people nearly can do nothing. So thanks for sharing the details here. it’s very significant for me.

    • Protecting your self helps hold your and your classmates healthy. Washing your palms when you sneeze or cough or after interacting with others continues you and others healthy stopping the spread of germs. Ease your self back into your morning recurring by way of growing earlier and going to mattress quicker. The interactions between temper and bodily health are complicated however you may have a better danger at staying healthy in case you’re in a better mood.

  2. A survey showed people were confused about what they should eat to stay healthy. The truth is, we all have enough time to do enough exercise to stay healthy.

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  4. Ease yourself back into your morning routine by rising earlier and going to bed sooner. This will make the first day of class a little easier…

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