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A Rare January Day

Missouri weather strikes again! From time to time Mother Nature likes to toss a curve ball to those of us who least expect it. Well, on this day, that curve ball came in the form of a sunny, 60 degree day in the middle of "winter". In the dull winter, a day like today brings forth an positive, optimistic disposition among the William Woods community. Everyone is relaxed, happy, and smiling. This level of happiness is not a rarity here at WWU, however, when you're given a day like today you can't help but appreciate the smiles, compliments, and unspoken level of happiness that lives within the community. I wanted to take some time out of my day to say that I hope you are all having a great day that will turn into a great week, then a great month, all the way up to a great year. Share your satisfaction and cheer with those around you. Remember, life always contains a silver lining, your responsibility is to find it.


2014-10-22 17.23.14

A sample of William Woods' beauty from last fall when the trees began to change and the weather was gorgeous!


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