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About Lisa

Lisa M. Laughlin selfieHi! I am Lisa M. Laughlin, a senior in William Woods University's Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design program. I am non-traditional, second degree-seeking, returning adult lifetime learner. I grew up in a suburb of Saint Louis, went to Southwest Missouri State University, and ended up in Jefferson City.  I was employed with the State in a number of different positions over the years, and realized I didn't really want to do what I was doing any more.

I wanted to explore the path I hadn't taken, now that the kids were out of the nest.  I had possessed artistic talent back in the day, but hadn't taken that fork in the road.  My life's journey had circuitously brought me back to that cross road, and this time I decided to take the risk and follow my desire.

I decided I wanted to do something different for the next 20 years, or so, of my life, before I "retired," so I decided I would re-educate myself so that I would have the credentials to compete in an entirely different career landscape. After exploring my options, I decided William Woods University had the most to offer me.