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About Myriam

Hi there! My name is Myriam Hassan.

I am senior here at The Woods, and I'm very sad it is my last year! I’ve been here since my freshman year, and I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change it for the world. Woods is such a fun and exciting place to be and really is my second family away from home.

Mims putting

Here I am on the putting green at a William Woods golf event.

I am half Pakistani with a mix of Italian and Welsh from Newport Wales (UK). I have been a part of the women’s golf team for four years now. I have competed as a top five player for all four years. My biggest honour was being named first team all-American for three years. Being on the golf team here at The Woods really changed me as person. I have made lifelong friends, and I am able to say I am part of a loving and caring golf team as well as having Coach Doty being like a father figure to me. I feel like I get extra special attention because I am international student, and everyone around me on campus cares and wants to make sure I am okay even though I am a senior now!

My major is Communications, with a concentration in public relations and media journalism. Coming into a college doing a major like mine was really nerve-racking, but once I started the classes and got to know my professors, it was so much more relaxing. Small classes and great media facilities really make a difference, and it helped me so much over the last few years. Being a communication student also made me more involved on campus such as activities, LEAD events and clubs!

Mims in Cardiff

This is me in Cardiff, Wales (UK).

In my spare time, I love to go to shopping or go and pamper myself! I may be a student athlete but I love to pamper myself and make myself feel good. One bad habit I might have picked up is eating too much FOOD! Chipotle and Olive Garden are my weaknesses!

I will be blogging about my international experience here at The Woods, and I will keep you updated with my life, either on or off the golf course!