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Greek Week!

This week is a very special week here at the Woods, it is Greek Week! This is a week where all of the sorority and fraternity chapters on campus can unite together and raise money and awareness for a cause, while also celebrating accomplishments. The cause for the last few years has been the Buddy Pack program.

Nutritiousbackpack-244x300The Buddy Pack program was created because for many students on free and reduced priced school meals are their only area of reliable nutrition. This puts them at risk for hunger over the weekend. The Food Bank provides Buddy Packs to children in elementary schools, 28 of the 32 counties.

Buddy Packs are backpacks filled with kid-friendly, nutritious food that students take home over the weekend or holiday periods to supplement their meals when there is not enough for them to eat at home. After the weekend, volunteers at the schools then refill their packs.

I had my first experience with the Buddy Pack program when I was in high school. I was a member of National Honor Society and we would stuff Buddy Packs for children at our school for part of our service work. It means a lot to me that I am still able to contribute.

The main part of the week is raising funds and awareness, but I am also excited for the awards ceremony. I was on the panel that did the interviews for the awards and I am really excited to see the faces of the winners. They truly deserve it.

This is the schedule for the week: 

Monday, April 6–

  • Start fundraising for the Buddy Pack program.
  • Banners Up!
    • Have banners up! These banners should say Greek Week as well as have something on it about the Buddy Pack program

Wednesday, April 8 –

6 p.m.– Gym

  • Fun games and activities in the gym. We will be combining the chapters and contestants will be picked at random to play multiple games and activities.

Thursday April 9–

6 p.m. – Dulany Auditorium

  • Greek Awards and Service Award Winner
    • This WILL be a formal event. Please come dressed in pin clothes. (Pin clothes are dress clothes that you wear with your sorority/fraternity pin or badge.)
  • All Buddy Pack fundraising money will be due by noon at CSI.

Friday April 10 –

Woods 101 Event, Aldridge

  • Buddy Backpack stuffing, if you are a student coming to 101 please join us

This is going to be a busy but amazing week. On top of this schedule, we have Sigma Alpha Epsilon's philanthropy week. This is a fraternity over at Westminster. They have events throughout the week to raise money for their philanthropy, Lafayette County Cancer Coalition. They are raising awareness for Bile Duct cancer. I am so proud to be making such a difference in one week, this is the stuff that I live for!


I can't wait to see you all at Woods 101. Please comment below if you are planning on attending, I would love to meet you!




April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Unknown-2I am so excited for April because I plan to spend the whole month educating and spreading awareness on sexual assault awareness. I have done many things working up to this, including starting a Woods version of the "NO MORE" campaign. NO MORE is a unifying symbol and movement to raise public awareness and engage bystanders around ending domestic violence and sexual assault. The campaign usually features celebrities but I thought it would be more powerful to see your peers and friends on the posters.

Here is a flyer I made to promote sexual assault awareness.

I was able get these photographs of students from an article that I had written previously in the student ran campus magazine, the Hoot. The article was about sexual assault prevention and being an active bystander. I featured the "It's On Us" campaign, as well as two programs that WWU puts on: O.W.L.S. and NOT Anymore. I was lucky enough to have faculty and students come and hold up posters with various statistics for the photo shoot for the article.


This month, I have two LEAD points planned with plenty of education and fun incorporated. I also a few ways to simply just raise awareness and show the cause, of course there will be pictures to come.

I hope you enjoy this amazing month of April and keep in mind that you can make a difference in the world!




#TBT to me at the zoo

I love throw back Thursday! I did my first official #TBT on the SWAT Facebook Page and it inspired me for my blog. I went back through my personal Facebook and found an old picture to throw back to. My mom always posts throw back photos in albums for my birthday, so it was not hard to find a photo.

My brother, me and my dad at the zoo circa some time ago when I was adorable.

My brother, me and my dad at the zoo circa some time ago when I was adorable.

This one is apparently from a trip to the zoo. Seeing this photo makes me miss my brother and sister a lot. My sister, Linzi, isn't in this photo because she was not born until I was 8. I am not really sure what year this was but I am thinking it is for sure the 90's because of the outfit my brother, Lance, is wearing.

Lance is a senior in high school and will be attending William Woods next year. I am really excited to have him on campus. I have already purchased a "diamond doll" tshirt to wear when I support him at WWU baseball games.

I hope that you enjoyed my blast from the past. I am feeling 100 percent better since my last post. This means that I can be picture ready for more fun photos to share with you.



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Taking Care of Me

Remember that busy week I was telling you about? With CourtWarming and Lyrefest... plus classes, SWAT and University Ambassador duties I put my health on the back-burner and didn't dress for the weather. Unfortunately it caught up with me.

Come Sunday I was not feeling the best, so first thing Monday morning I called the William Woods nurse to make an appointment. I was able to get right in the nurse's office and get checked out. I then found out some bummer news, I have influenza!

The nurse was more than helpful with getting me on track to healthy again. She provided me with proper medicine dosages, a face mask to prevent spreading germs, nurse's note to excuse me from class and thermometer to check my temperature.

After my trip to the nurse I went back to my room to start up a medicine regimen and get some sleep. I am not usually one to sleep during the day so that was a sure sign that my body was in need.

I am so lucky to be on a campus where medical care was readily available and helpful to me. I also love how supportive my professors were, all of them telling me to rest up and get better. They were very understanding and helpful with the assignments that I missed this week as well.

Getting meals from Tucker Dining Hall while sick was something I was worried about, but my worries were quickly put to ease. I emailed Jim Utterback from Fresh Ideas and found out that I was able to send a green to-go box and my student ID card to Tucker with a friend and get my meals that way. This was such a relief and I greatly appreciate my friends bringing me meals, and Tucker allowing them to do so.

My friends have also been great at bringing me PowerAde and sending Snap Chats and texts checking in on me.

I never enjoy being sick, especially away from home, but having amazing friends, faculty and staff here at WWU has really made my road to recovery so much easier!

I'm sure that I will be feeling 100% next time you hear from me!