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William Woods University Welcomes YOU!

It's been a long summer, but it is almost time to return to William Woods University!  As I embark on my senior year of college, I look back on the day I first moved in as a freshman.  Although it's been three years, I still remember the crazy amount of emotions I felt when I took on this whole new experience at the Woods.  Not only was I excited, I was a little uncertain, too!  Today, I want to offer some bits and pieces of advice that I want to pass down as a WWU upperclassman!

This sounds so cliche, but just breathe.  There is going to be a lot that happens in the next week of your life.  Will there be uncertainty?  Yes. Will there be stress? It is likely.  Will you survive?  Without a doubt!

Even though I'm a senior, I always have a tough time leaving for the Woods!  Although I miss my parents when I'm gone, I know they support me and are only a call away.  Love you, mom and dad!

Even though I'm a senior, I always have a tough time leaving for the Woods! Although I miss my parents when I'm gone, I know they support me and   are only a call away. Love you, mom and dad!

If you are worried or stressed about going away to school, chances are your parents or family are going through the same thing.  My biggest piece of advice for handling parents and family is to keep them involved in this experience.  For me, moving away was tough, and I was so glad I had my parents to fall back on when I needed them.

Being homesick is ok!  I cannot lie to you and say that moving away is a simple process.  Most students get a pang of homesickness now and then.  To you, my friend, I recommend a few things:

  •      Call home, but limit yourself on how long your call is.  Remind your family you love them and ask about your dog/horse/fish, but avoid long, drawn out calls.  Besides -- if you spend all night on the phone, you'll miss out on fun stuff!
  •       Fill your time!  I think the worst thing to do is sit in your room and sulk.  Nobody enjoys being sad!  Go to an event on campus, a hall event, or rally your roommate/suitemates to go to Taco Bell!
  •       Remember -- you can do this!  We've all been there and we made it.  You can, too! 🙂

Go out of your way to meet someone new.  You'll be surrounded by students just like you that are seeking out those connections with others.  Don't be afraid to make the first move and invite someone to Tucker Dining Hall or a LEAD event.

If you haven't already, check out the #wwupassport!  Go to to see what's going on during orientation!

If you haven't already, check out the #wwupassport! Go to to see what's going on during orientation!

Attend scheduled events.  Not only are the orientation events super fun, there are multiple benefits! Some orientation events are LEAD points!  In some events, there will be helpful information on surviving college.  Even more exciting, some could even have snacks or treats!  You never want to miss out on a good treat 🙂


Start out on the right foot with your roommate.  Living with a roommate for the first time can be a really challenging but exciting experience.  I think the best way to master sharing a residence hall room with someone else is communication!  Get to know each other and find what you have in common.  Let your roommate know your habits and preferences, while also taking into account their routines.  Be open to compromise!

Sign up for sorority/fraternity recruitment! Even if you are not considering joining a house, you can really benefit from the recruitment experience.  Not only can you earn a LEAD point for visiting the Greek houses, you will also meet a bunch of new students and returning students!

  •  I must admit that I didn't go on the house tours as a new student, and I regret it!  Although I am a member of Chi Omega now, I didn't to go through recruitment as a new student because I had already formed a negative opinion about what sororities would be like.   Not only was I wrong, but I also made judgement about Greek organizations without even giving it a try!  My advice to you, friend, is to give it a chance and form your own opinion after experiencing it.  You'll miss out on what Greek life is really about if you don't!
    Although Sam and I are in different sororities, we both have valuable experiences in our Greek houses!

    Although Sam and I are in different sororities, we both have valuable experiences in our Greek houses.In Greek life, we strive to help the community.  If you want to know more about this bake sale in particular, check out my post about Greek Week! In Greek life, we strive to help the community. If you want to know more about this bake sale in particular, check out my post about Greek Week!

    We have a lot of fun being silly!  My sisters are supportive and always go along with my crazy antics! :)

    We have a lot of fun being silly! My sisters are supportive and always go along with my crazy antics! 🙂


Find your niche! With over 40 clubs and organizations on campus, you'll be sure to find a group that interests you.  Clubs are a great way to find people with similar interests and people within your area of study.

Lastly, don't be nervous.  Out of all the places in the world, William Woods University is one of my favorite places to be.  This is a home to so many students, and it can be yours, too!  Getting used to a new place can take a little while, but giving WWU a chance is one of the best decisions you will make.

I wish you the best of luck when moving in.  If you see me on campus and you actually read this post, come find me!  I'll be running around all of Wednesday and would enjoy meeting you.  To any current students at WWU, please share your advice below and help our incoming students feel at home this fall.

See you so soon, friends!


Kentucky Proud!

Greetings, friends!  I'm glad to finally reach you again.  It has been a whirlwind of a semester, and it is hard to believe we are closing in on final exams.  Phew!

Last post, I brought up the women's basketball team and our trip to the NAIA National Tournament.  What an event!  Today, I'd like to share about our trip and what an honor it was to be selected to go!


After a tough loss in the semi-finals of the conference tournament, our team had a long week of waiting to see if we would receive a bid to play in the National Tournament.  We continued to practice with our fingers crossed hoping we would see the court for another game this season.  During a practice on Friday, March 14, we waited diligently while the raters across the country submitted their votes.  Finally, we got the thumbs up -- we were in!

For the next two days, we practiced and prepared for the trip.  On Monday we  waved goodbye to our lovely home at the Woods and left for Frankfort, KY.  After a couple movies and lots of joking on the charter bus, we arrived in Frankfort at our hotel.

Tuesday was full of energy and excitement.  We had practice in the morning, with the Banquet of Champions that night.  The banquet is one of my favorite events during the tournament week.  Not only is the food absolutely amazing, but we get to see women from all over the nation.  I love seeing how different all of the teams are, from their team chemistry to their fashion.  Three of us were chosen as NAIA Scholar Athletes for having a 3.5 or higher: Katie Scherder, Blake French and yours truly.  We always pride ourselves on having great grades as a team, and collectively we ended above a 3.0!


On Wednesday, we put on a basketball clinic at a local elementary school.  The students ranged from third to sixth grade, and we taught them basic skills like lay ups, passing, shooting, and dribbling.  The team and coaching staff has so much fun hanging out with energetic and enthusiastic kids like we did that day.  Community service as a team is always a blast!IMG_0737

Thursday was the big day -- GAME DAY!  We were up against Westminster College which was a tough opponent and sitting at number 1 in our bracket.  We boarded the bus and kept high spirits when we arrived at the gym.  We warmed up and before we knew it, it was time for tip off!  To me, the game is a blur.  We were cheering so loud and having so much fun competing with one of the best teams in the nation!  Unfortunately, we ended our season that day with a loss and a final score of 66-50, Westminster.

It was disappointing to lose, but some of my teammates performed so well on the court that it almost didn't matter.  I'm so proud of the team I play for and the teammates that represent us!  The coaching staff is also a very important component to our success.  Head Coach Dan Chapla and our assistant coaches Megan Aubuchon, Denise Rosario, and Chris Newland always prepare us and push us to our full potential.  There's nothing better than being led  by great leaders like our coaches!

The next day, we journeyed home and back to reality.  Although basketball season is over, we still continue to get better.  Congratulations to my team for finishing the season 22-11.   It has been such a pleasure to play with you incredible women and learn from all of you!  I cannot wait to see what my senior season has in store for us!IMG_0837

For more info, visit us at

Thanks for reading!


Ask Me About My Backpack!

     Hey friends!  It’s another wonderful week here in the Woods.

     Last week was one of my favorite weeks of the year – Greek Week!  What is Greek Week, you ask?  Good question!  To me, Greek Week is a week devoted to the celebration of sorority and fraternity life by promoting unity and service in our community.  This year was FULL of service opportunities and fun activities for the Greeks at WWU!

Throughout the week, we focused on serving the community as a collective group.  This year, we chose the Buddy Pack Program for the Fulton area.  The Buddy Pack Program provides backpacks full of kid-friendly, nutritious food that students can take home over the weekend or holiday periods to supplement their meals when there may not be enough for them to eat at home.  In my Greek house, Chi Omega, we chose Stephanie Behlmann to represent and lead our chapter in raising money!  She wore the cutest backpack labeled "Ask Me about my Backpack!" around campus for a week and sought out donations from the businesses and organizations in Fulton.

buddy backpack

       On Friday, Stephanie organized a bake sale outside of Fulton Walmart.  Not only did we raise some money, but my Chi Omega sisters had a great time hanging out in the sun representing our sorority!  In one week, Stephanie lead our chapter to raise $729!  As a Greek community, WWU's Greeks raised around $2,000!  It was so rewarding to be a part of a service project that could help the people right here in Fulton!bake sale

I was so proud of my sorority sister for putting in the effort to collect so much money.  When I asked Stephanie about her feelings about the week, Stephanie said, "At first, I was only collecting money because it was what we do as Greeks.  Community service is part of our purpose.  As the week went on and I got closer to the program, I started so see how important it was that I did my best to raise money!  I learned so much about what it really means to serve and I am glad I got to be a part of this week."

There was so much to do during the week.  I love the opportunity talk about my sorority experience and celebrate how fortunate I am to be associated with these other Greek members at William Woods University!  There are a lot of benefits of sorority and fraternity life, and I'm happy that we get the chance to help others in the process.

Thanks again for reading my Admissions Blog!  Next week, I'll be hanging out in Frankfort, Kentucky for the NAIA Women's Basketball National Tournament!  Check in next week to see what the basketball team is up to!


I Went to College to Get More Knowledge!

Hello again, friends.  I hope your second semester is treating you well, whether you're a high school freshman, graduating college senior, or anything in between!  It's another great day here at the Woods, and I'm excited to share more about my junior year.

Lately, I've been so busy!  It seems like there is always something on the calendar between sports, clubs and campus life.  Most importantly, I've really trudging away and enjoying my classes.  When classes are fun and engaging like mine are this semester, schoolwork seems less like work and more like play!  Because of my credits and current path of study, I'm ahead on credit hours.  The closer I get to my senior year, the less communication courses are left for me to take.  This semester, I chose to look into different areas of study and expand my academic horizons.  My course load reads as follows:

  • Psychology 200: Finding Your Personality
  • Communication 220:  Logic and Persuasion
  • Psychology 209:  Child Development
  • Art 256: Fundamentals of Photography

Everyone on campus knows Julian! This familiar face is often seen wearing Florida Gators gear, and cracking jokes with other professors. His classes are challenging, but entertaining to say the least!

My personality class is probably one of the most interesting classes I've ever experienced.  Taught by one of WWU's well known professor, Julian Hertzog, this class pushes you to identify what your personality actually entails and what that means to you!  Not only is Julian a real character to be around, the subject has kept me interested all semester!  A typical class period includes a few notes, but most of our time is used taking personality inventories.  The inventories show us what personality traits we have and we can make assumptions as to what that looks like in our daily life.  If you're a William Woods student, make sure you enroll in this class during registration!  It's fun and informative!

Logic and Persuasion is a communications class that will fulfill one of my communications credits!  The class is designed to help us use critical thinking skills to assess arguments and form valid arguments for ourselves.  This is a class that I didn't know what to expect, but it definitely has shown me a lot about using logic.  Katie Speer is our instructor, and she always keeps us involved in her lecture!  Class discussions are how I learn best, so you better believe I have an A in this class! 🙂

emma ruth abigail

Those smiling faces get to me every time! My cousins are often the subjects of my assignments in child development, and I love reflecting on the interesting things they do!

If you ever have questions about kids, Dr. Boyer is the mastermind of child psychology.  Dr. Boyer teaches my child development class, and she is always so excited to lecture us!  This class gives me great information about children and why they do the crazy things they do.  Remember my post about Christmas with my baby cousins?  Well, now that I've learned about the development of children, I can finally try and explain why my silly cousins do what they do!  Kids are so cute!

Most practical and laid back of all my classes has to be photography.  Bob Elliot is my professor for this class and with all the experience he has behind a camera, I know I'm getting great instruction.  Our assignments cover a wide variety of topics, and I'm learning to use Photoshop along the way!  Not only do I love taking pictures, it's also really practical for my major.  With all the public relations media kits I'll be doing someday, I'll be glad I took a couple hours a week to learn about good photography skills!

Black white hybrid boots

As part of an assignment, I had to mute all the colors of a photograph except one. My friend Amy is actually wearing these boots here, and these were such fun photos to take!


     What I really want to emphasize with this post is the fact that my education is not limited to my specific major!  The best part of my college educational experience is going outside of the communications field and diving into new subjects all over the place.  There is so much we can learn, and that gets me so excited!  If you're a student in high school, college, graduate school, or you just consider yourself a student of life, go out and try new things!  You'll never look back and regret expanding your mind, so don't miss out on a chance to make yourself better.

Thanks for reading!  Go learn something!