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Freshman Advantage

This summer was one of daring adventures, fun-in-the-sun, and pretty much living out of my car. When school ended, I headed home to Minnesota for a month and when that month was over, it was back to school for Freshman Advantage!

An awesome program, Freshman Advantage is open to all incoming freshmen students at William Woods, an opportunity to not only earn 7 credit hours, but also meet other students and make some pretty fantastic memories!

I was lucky enough to be a mentor this year along with 11 other current students and we had a BLAST! Split into four groups with three mentors each, the groups had around 10 students – my group’s name was the Screech Owls, our color was green, and it was pretty much the best group to be in! While Freshman Advantage was only three weeks long, I can definitely see the positive impact it had on the students that attended and looking around, it’s safe to say that the friendships made at Freshman Advantage are still going strong.

All packed up and ready to head to Missouri!

Scavenger Hunt!


Working hard in the classroom

Some of the Screech Owls

FA students helping the community of Fulton by cleaning up a river front!

Banquet dinner!

Even WWU Admissions getting in on the fun at FA!

FA 2012 Design


So my month of June was packed with new friends and great times! I would definitely do it all over again if I had the chance.


Sally Jane