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Florida Fun! (Part 2)

Over spring break, I went to both Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Since we did so many different things, I decided to do one post about our Universal vacation, and another about our Disney adventures.

We got to spend one day in every park! When we arrived at Disney we settled in to our cabin. They have these campgrounds on property that have nice little cabins which we really enjoyed! It was nice not listening to people in the hallways or the elevators, and we were still close enough to take Disney transportation to the parks. The first night we went straight to Magic Kingdom. It is open the latest, so after a day at a different park we usually went there afterwards.

In front of the castle on our first night

In front of the castle on our first night

Our favorite section of Magic Kingdom is Tomorrow Land. We went on the Stitch simulation ride, where he escapes the intergalactic police. Then we took down Emperor Zerk in the Buzz Lightyear laser shooting ride, and our favorite ride in Tomorrow Land is the Space Mountain Roller coaster. Space mountain is inside and dark so you can't really see where you're going but there are stars lit up all around you! My Dad's favorite ride is Buzz Lightyear, but a close second is called the People Mover. It is an older ride that takes you on a tour of Tomorrow Land. You just get to sit and enjoy the breeze!

Buzz Lightyear doing the Alpha Phi Ivy with me!


Taking down the Emperor Zerk with my dad

Taking down the Emperor Zerk with my dad


The second day we spent in Animal Kingdom. We went on a safari, experienced what it was like to be a bug in The Bug's Life, and rode the Yetti roller coaster. The best part was the food! We had a great dinner in the park at the end of the day. They had Asian type cuisine and I had the best ginger salmon I've ever had!

Look who we found!

Disney's Hollywood studios had my favorite rides. We got to go on the Rock and Roll Roller Coaster. It takes off and goes from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds! I have not been riding roller coasters for very long, and I really liked this one! Another family favorite is the Tower of Terror. I'm not such a big fan of that since it drops you, but everyone else enjoyed it.

Riding the Rock and Roll Roller Coaster

Riding the Rock and Roll Roller Coaster

Disney's Hollywood Studios

We spent the last day at Epcot. We traveled all around the world in just a few hours! We also got to ride up into spaceship earth. They show how technology has developed since the beginning of man, and then you get to build your own future! We also rode on the test track where you design your own race car and compete to see whose holds up better on the test track throughout your ride.

At Epcot

Spring break was a crazy week! I had a ton of fun with my family at both Universal Studios and Disney Parks. We did visit Disney about ten years ago, and even though a lot has changed some of the rides I liked then are still my favorites now. I strongly suggest going to visit Universal and Disney at least once, I know I'd like to go again!

Since returning to The Woods time is flying by! We are in the last month of school. The weather is beautiful, the horses are happy, and everyone is getting down to business in preparation for finals. I can't believe this semester is going by so quickly!

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