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From the UK with Love, 5 Tips for Adjusting to Life at College

As an international student, at the end of last semester, I was understandably excited to go back home to the UK. The month flew by. I was readjusting myself to home life, which was basically eating good food and hanging out with family and friends. New year was over, and that was when I had to get my mind back in school mode. My last ever semester here at The Woods!

Here are some tips for making that kind of adjustment:

Mims Stretching in Golf Gear

Getting back into workout mode.

  1. Be Disciplined: it is back to reality! You have to have your mind set and make your dreams a reality. Learning to discipline yourself is one of the greatest things you get out of college.
  2. Focus on Health: from all the food and zero workouts I did over the break, I have to get back in the swing of things (pardon the pun) for golf. This means eating healthy and working out.
  3. Find Balance: being a college athlete is rewarding, but it also can be very difficult to balance. School comes first here at The Woods and then sport. But we are very lucky to have professors who will give you extra help if you are busy with a sport. You have to stay on top of things and always ask for help if you need it.
  4. Focus on Friends: college is your second home, so having lots of friends and keeping busy gets your mind off family and friends at home. Sitting with someone new at Tucker or going to the McNutt Center for a game of pool really takes your mind off it.
  5. Keep your Options Open: as it is my last semester, I am currently looking for jobs, and working out what I am going to do with my future. It helps to keep your resume updated as you progress through school by going to see our Career Services director, Amy Dittmer, who is always there to help.

I hope this helps. Keep busy and time will fly by. I promise you!


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  2. Like I specified previously, keep up a decent association with your manager, keep a minimal expenditure aside for a plane ticket home and surrender the rest over to the opportunity that accompanies life when you enable yourself to live it.

  3. After Hectic School and hostel life going back home is a relief but the experience we get from this is great and sharing your experience form juniors is a good thing and talking about Discipline it is most essential part of every human’s part because discipline life gives you the best life and with discipline, health is also important taking healthy meals and workout is also most important and in college or school you have lots of memories lots of fun with friends and you have some tension in your mind for job.

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