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Get Into The Groove

We are officially over halfway through the second week of the spring semester! The students are gradually "getting back into the groove" as they adjust to their new schedules and new classes. The spring semester provides great opportunities to socialize, to renew involvement in organizations you joined last semester, or to join new organizations all together! In light of the new semester, I want to take this post to talk about a few of the things I have been involved with since I started this semester.

University Ambassador Erin Strickland addresses post cards to send to prospective students :)

University Ambassador Erin Strickland addresses post cards to send to prospective students 🙂

First, University Ambassadors! Every semester, WWU Admissions hires a few new students to work as University Ambassadors (UAs), filling the spots of the students who just graduated. UAs are the students you meet when you come to visit campus as a prospective student; we give you tours and host you and your families/friends for lunch in Tucker! It is also a paid position on campus, so I would highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys meeting new people and is looking for a chance to make a little extra money while on campus. I have been a UA ever since the spring semester of my sophomore year, and I have loved every second of it! Since I love William Woods almost as much as I love meeting new people, being a UA has been a perfect fit for me. I missed giving tours and hosting lunches while I was away at my internships last semester, so I'm definitely glad to be back! odk flyer

Second, ODK! Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society that students qualify for by showing themselves to be leaders on campus. ODK recognizes leaders in every field, from academics to arts to athletics. Every year in February, ODK hosts a leadership conference, featuring a keynote speaker followed by various breakout sessions. This year, the conference will be held on Saturday, February 22 and the theme is "Leadership After The Woods." We have finished with the general planning and are now moving into the more specific aspects; tomorrow I'm meeting with the coordinator of the LEAD program, Debbie Schick, to talk about her presentation topic. The conference usually goes over really well, so I'm excited to see how this year's pans out!

(left to right) Megan Andrews, Mallory DeVoll, and Olivia Rush enjoying lunch at Tucker!

(left to right) Megan Andrews, Mallory DeVoll, and Olivia Rush enjoying lunch at Tucker!

Third, Tucker! "But wait!" you say. "Tucker isn't an organization I can join." Well, no, not technically. But no conversation about socializing or getting involved on campus is complete without taking a couple of minutes to discuss the dining hall. Some students who are used to bigger schools express surprise when they find out that we only have one main dining hall here on campus and that they are only open for specific hours during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I think I prefer it that way, though, because you can't help but run into your friends every time you go eat! Students tend to unconsciously gravitate towards the same general tables, too, so it's easy to find you group. There have been countless occasions where I have gone to Tucker expecting to grab a quick bite, only to end up spending an hour there because I got caught up in conversation with my friends. I guess my main comment is this: when you're thinking about ways to spend time with your friends on campus, don't understimate the power of Tucker!

I recognize that, at first glance, this post seems to combine several unrelated topics, but the three things I mentioned are all things that have been occupying a lot of my time as I "get into the groove" of my last semester. Obviously, there are many more opportunities for involvement than the ones I just mentioned here - the Student Activities Council hosted a free bowling night last week, the theatre department has already auditioned and begun rehearsals for their first show, and the sororities and fraternities are already planning their philanthropy weeks for this semester! I love how many different opportunities WWU provides. Whether your are looking for a chance to get involved in every possible organization or simply to hang out with your friends during lunch, William Woods could be the perfect fit for you!


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