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Golf Madness

My golf season has finally started! The top 7 golfers went on a little road trip to St. Joseph, Missouri to compete in a D2 golf tournament. We were the only NAIA school there, and we dominated all of the NCAA D2’s and D3’s! Isn't that awesome? What a great feeling to have. It was our first event of the season, so we were a little rusty, but we still managed to win.

As always, there are plenty of pros and hardly any cons whenever we travel!

So here we go, I am going to brag to you a little bit about my trip…

  1. 2 to a Room!

We stayed in the Holiday Inn Express and the hotel accidentally overbooked so we had 2 people to a room, this meant a bed each and just pure bliss for the two nights we stayed there!

Celia Mansour and I after Round 1!

Celia Mansour and me after Round 1!

  1. Chipotle First Night!

As you already know, I have an obsession with Chipotle. My coach obviously knows this after putting up with me for nearly 4 years, so we happened to be so lucky to be staying right next to Chipotle, and I had it two nights in a row. DON’T JUDGE!

  1. Best Friend Visit!

One of my best friends, Joni, who recently graduated from William Woods has just landed herself a job in St. Joe. Joni came to surprise me one night, so we caught up and just watched some TV! It made my week!

  1. We WON!

William Woods had 4 women who finished top 10 and the team won by many shots against D2's Lindenwood and Missouri-Western! It was a great start to our season, and we have a lot of work to do to win the National Championship!

I can't wait for our next event in Carbondale Illinois, we play a D1 school! Let's hope we can dominate this one, too!


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