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Graduating in 3 Weeks!

Hi Guys and Gals!

I haven't posted for a while. So here is just a quick update on my life from the past few weeks!

Me in our Resort

Me in our Resort

Golf has been going great for us as a team. After we came back from our first event we traveled to Carbondale Illinois to play a NCAA Division 1 tournament. We played against all D1 teams and lost in a playoff to IUPUI. Pretty impressive for a small NAIA School!

For Spring Break we went to Orlando with the Men's golf team. This week was by far my best Spring Break tournament ever. We stayed at the Mission Inn Resort and played fabulous golf courses for the week we were there. We bonded as a team and of course made the most of our time in Florida. The Women's team won and it made our 20 hour bus ride a little easier. 😛

Our team picture in Orlando

Our team picture in Orlando

After Spring Break, I played my last ever home tournament. How SAD!! This was tearful and awesome because I got to play with my best friend on the second day who is also a fellow senior, Alejandra.

NOW we are back on campus. We don't play again until our conference which is in two weeks!

My Cap and gown have arrived, and my parents have booked their flights to see me graduate!

Exciting times are ahead and time is flying by too quick for my liking.

Oh, and did you know our team is number 1 nationally?

Enjoy your week!


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