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Halloween weekend has came and passed unfortunately.

This weekend has been one for the books. On Friday, My friends and I went to Necropolous in Columbia Mo. We waited for about 2 hours to get into the zombie themed haunted house. It was great. My friends Paige and Kate were terrified of all the Zombie people walking around but not me!


After the haunted house, we came back to Fulton and changed into our costumes to hang out with our friends. Paige and I decided to dress up as an Angel and Devil. Here we are with our friend Phil, who is dressed as a lumberjack.


On Saturday we got a little more creative with our costumes for a costume party on the Westminster Campus. My friends, Paige, Jessica and I decided to be the Charlie's angels spies. In my opinion, we rocked it.


We all wore leather jackets and painted hand guns we bought from the dollar store. We also carried around badges to make it seem more official.

I'm only looking forward to more things this week. I registered for my classes for next semester today and am taking a full schedule and more with 19 credit hours ( the normal is 12-18). Yikes!

I also have my best friends birthday this weekend so we are going to try to squeeze in some R&R time and go get massages, go shopping and get a nice dinner.

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  3. Halloween is my favorite day of year. I like the first picture of zombie.

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