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Happy to be back!

While it was a bit of a bummer to leave my wonderful family at home, I am so happy to be back at the Woods surrounded my amazing friends and inspiring faculty.

I moved back in on this icy Sunday afternoon. After I unpacked everything, which seemed to have multiplied over break, I took a big breath and flopped on my bed. The rest of Sunday consisted of mingling at a hot chocolate social for the transfers and new students in Kemper Arts Center. It was so great to meet these students and be apart of the "Woods Express".

Classes started on Monday and I can honestly say I showed up with a smile to every class. On Monday I have Interpersonal Communication (with my favorite professor), and Drawing I. I spent the rest of my afternoon passing out flyers for an event on Thursday, getting a new tag for my car, checking my overly full mailbox and hitting up Sonic happy hour with my friends. Monday was also the day that I first used my membership card at the Callaway County YMCA. I just got a membership this January and am really excited to be using the facilities, especially since it is so close to campus.

Shelby, me and Brandy at the FIJI watch party for the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

Shelby, me and Brandy at the FIJI watch party for the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

Today, I had Fundamentals of Photography. My other class credits for this semester are a bit different then regular daily class. I am on the Student Website Advancement Team, and I am able to do those hours for class credit. I am also taking Web 2.0 online with William Woods' Learning House site. I have taken a good amount of classes online and have always had a positive experience with the professors and the work.

Another gem from my Tuesday was during my University Ambassador hour in Admissions. I was about to give a tour to a family when the mother of the prospective student looked up and said "Alaina?" It turns out that it was an old friend that I had met through pageants. It is crazy how small the world can be sometimes!

I know I wrote about a lot... so to sum it all up, I have been really enjoying being back here on campus. I have done many things to get back started, and I am ready to get back in the swing of things.

I hope that your week has started off as great as mine has. To help you out, I added a silly photo of me and two of my friends. I clearly didn't get the serious memo!




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