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Home Sweet Home

This Saturday completes my second week of being home in the USA.  Looking back on the past four months I have made so many memories that have impacted my life; from working in a public hospital in the largest city of Ecuador to building homes for homeless people in a riverside village, so many events have opened my eyes to the needs of people on a global scale.  I have also made so many friends from all over the world.  Three of my Ecuadorian friends are studying at universities in the United States this semester; I will be visiting them and bringing them to visit William Woods University.  Two of my other Ecuadorian friends are coming from Ecuador to experience an American “Spring Break” at the famous Panama City Beach, FL with me.  I still cannot fathom that four months have gone by since I have last been in the USA and I am anxiously awaiting my return to the WWU campus for my final semester.  Three reasons I am glad I am home, 1) Snickers cost $0.75 here compared to the $1.50 in Ecuador, 2) Taco Bell, and 3) I have my own car.  I am already missing my Ecuadorian lifestyle and family.  Once I stepped off my plane in Saint Louis I instantly experienced ‘climate shock’, I am still freezing here in comparison to +90 degrees weather I have had the past four months.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a happy New Year with their friends and family, I know I was very grateful for spending Christmas with my family after missing Thanksgiving with them.  I also think it would have been difficult to spend Christmas in a climate with palm trees and humidity; I am too accustomed to the cold that goes along with the Christmas season here in Missouri.  I was very thankful I got to spend New Year’s Eve with some of my best friends in St. Charles, Missouri.

Well I have procrastinated enough on purchasing my books for my final semester at WWU so I must complete the order.  Everyone have a good remainder of break, see you soon, and take care, “cuidate”.



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