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How Time Flies!

Oh EM GEE… It's the middle of February, and my golf season starts in 3 weeks! Yikes!

Over the last six weeks, I have been super busy with school, my internship, and golf! I've kept myself busy with three main things, and a bonus activity or two. Just like in high school, spring semester in college is crazy busy!

Chipotle with Alex

Chipotle with Alex

  1. School - as you already know it's my senior semester, and to be honest it is pretty chilled. I'm taking 12 credits including an internship. However three classes are English, and they sure keep me busy.
  2. Internship - I am lucky enough to intern on campus with Travis, the sports information director. It works so well with my major, and I am loving it so far. It takes up my boring Tuesday and Thursday nights and time flies by.
  3. Golf - we all know what Missouri weather is like-bipolar to the max. Golf has been up and down just like the weather. Sometimes we go out to play or sometimes we are stuck indoors. However everyone is getting back into it and we are ready to compete.
  4. Food Trips to Columbia - my teammate and good friend Alex Bankovich and I have made at least 8 Chipotle trips so far this semester, thrown in with some Olive Garden and Andy's Frozen Custard. Yep, I said it--Andy's in freezing weather. Columbia is only 25-30 minutes away, so whenever we are craving some fattening food that isn't available in Fulton, we just hop right in the car!
  5. Tanning - it's about that time of year when I buy a monthly tanning package from Fulton’s Tanfastic salon. So 20 minutes before or after eating at Tucker Dining Hall, I pop right there to keep my bronze colour going in the winter.

There are plenty more fun things going on around campus at this time and before we know it, it will be May! Happy February, guys!


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