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Is it over yet?

Midterm week came and went and is officially over! It seems as if this semester has flown right over my head. Where is the time going?

After taking tests in pretty much all my classes, William Woods had a fall break this weekend that was much needed for me.

It was nice to have the extra day to catch up on all my homework and still being able to see my friends.

Halloween is right around the corner and my roommate and I are trying to get our costumes lined up. A fraternity at Westminster is having a costume party which is awesome because Halloween is my favorite "holiday". So Paige, my roommate, and I are super excited.

A group of us also will be traveling to Columbia this weekend for some good ol' pumpkin pickin' and haunted house fun just to help us get in the spirit even more.

Hopefully you'll stop by some time soon and see the pictures I will upload of my pumpkin, costume and friends!

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