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Kentucky Proud!

Greetings, friends!  I'm glad to finally reach you again.  It has been a whirlwind of a semester, and it is hard to believe we are closing in on final exams.  Phew!

Last post, I brought up the women's basketball team and our trip to the NAIA National Tournament.  What an event!  Today, I'd like to share about our trip and what an honor it was to be selected to go!


After a tough loss in the semi-finals of the conference tournament, our team had a long week of waiting to see if we would receive a bid to play in the National Tournament.  We continued to practice with our fingers crossed hoping we would see the court for another game this season.  During a practice on Friday, March 14, we waited diligently while the raters across the country submitted their votes.  Finally, we got the thumbs up -- we were in!

For the next two days, we practiced and prepared for the trip.  On Monday we  waved goodbye to our lovely home at the Woods and left for Frankfort, KY.  After a couple movies and lots of joking on the charter bus, we arrived in Frankfort at our hotel.

Tuesday was full of energy and excitement.  We had practice in the morning, with the Banquet of Champions that night.  The banquet is one of my favorite events during the tournament week.  Not only is the food absolutely amazing, but we get to see women from all over the nation.  I love seeing how different all of the teams are, from their team chemistry to their fashion.  Three of us were chosen as NAIA Scholar Athletes for having a 3.5 or higher: Katie Scherder, Blake French and yours truly.  We always pride ourselves on having great grades as a team, and collectively we ended above a 3.0!


On Wednesday, we put on a basketball clinic at a local elementary school.  The students ranged from third to sixth grade, and we taught them basic skills like lay ups, passing, shooting, and dribbling.  The team and coaching staff has so much fun hanging out with energetic and enthusiastic kids like we did that day.  Community service as a team is always a blast!IMG_0737

Thursday was the big day -- GAME DAY!  We were up against Westminster College which was a tough opponent and sitting at number 1 in our bracket.  We boarded the bus and kept high spirits when we arrived at the gym.  We warmed up and before we knew it, it was time for tip off!  To me, the game is a blur.  We were cheering so loud and having so much fun competing with one of the best teams in the nation!  Unfortunately, we ended our season that day with a loss and a final score of 66-50, Westminster.

It was disappointing to lose, but some of my teammates performed so well on the court that it almost didn't matter.  I'm so proud of the team I play for and the teammates that represent us!  The coaching staff is also a very important component to our success.  Head Coach Dan Chapla and our assistant coaches Megan Aubuchon, Denise Rosario, and Chris Newland always prepare us and push us to our full potential.  There's nothing better than being led  by great leaders like our coaches!

The next day, we journeyed home and back to reality.  Although basketball season is over, we still continue to get better.  Congratulations to my team for finishing the season 22-11.   It has been such a pleasure to play with you incredible women and learn from all of you!  I cannot wait to see what my senior season has in store for us!IMG_0837

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Thanks for reading!

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  3. Well! The amusement is a haze. We were cheering so uproarious and having some good times rivaling outstanding among other groups in the country! Lamentably, we finished our season that day with a misfortune and a last score of 66-50, Westminster.

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