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I Went to College to Get More Knowledge!

Hello again, friends.  I hope your second semester is treating you well, whether you're a high school freshman, graduating college senior, or anything in between!  It's another great day here at the Woods, and I'm excited to share more about my junior year.

Lately, I've been so busy!  It seems like there is always something on the calendar between sports, clubs and campus life.  Most importantly, I've really trudging away and enjoying my classes.  When classes are fun and engaging like mine are this semester, schoolwork seems less like work and more like play!  Because of my credits and current path of study, I'm ahead on credit hours.  The closer I get to my senior year, the less communication courses are left for me to take.  This semester, I chose to look into different areas of study and expand my academic horizons.  My course load reads as follows:

  • Psychology 200: Finding Your Personality
  • Communication 220:  Logic and Persuasion
  • Psychology 209:  Child Development
  • Art 256: Fundamentals of Photography

Everyone on campus knows Julian! This familiar face is often seen wearing Florida Gators gear, and cracking jokes with other professors. His classes are challenging, but entertaining to say the least!

My personality class is probably one of the most interesting classes I've ever experienced.  Taught by one of WWU's well known professor, Julian Hertzog, this class pushes you to identify what your personality actually entails and what that means to you!  Not only is Julian a real character to be around, the subject has kept me interested all semester!  A typical class period includes a few notes, but most of our time is used taking personality inventories.  The inventories show us what personality traits we have and we can make assumptions as to what that looks like in our daily life.  If you're a William Woods student, make sure you enroll in this class during registration!  It's fun and informative!

Logic and Persuasion is a communications class that will fulfill one of my communications credits!  The class is designed to help us use critical thinking skills to assess arguments and form valid arguments for ourselves.  This is a class that I didn't know what to expect, but it definitely has shown me a lot about using logic.  Katie Speer is our instructor, and she always keeps us involved in her lecture!  Class discussions are how I learn best, so you better believe I have an A in this class! 🙂

emma ruth abigail

Those smiling faces get to me every time! My cousins are often the subjects of my assignments in child development, and I love reflecting on the interesting things they do!

If you ever have questions about kids, Dr. Boyer is the mastermind of child psychology.  Dr. Boyer teaches my child development class, and she is always so excited to lecture us!  This class gives me great information about children and why they do the crazy things they do.  Remember my post about Christmas with my baby cousins?  Well, now that I've learned about the development of children, I can finally try and explain why my silly cousins do what they do!  Kids are so cute!

Most practical and laid back of all my classes has to be photography.  Bob Elliot is my professor for this class and with all the experience he has behind a camera, I know I'm getting great instruction.  Our assignments cover a wide variety of topics, and I'm learning to use Photoshop along the way!  Not only do I love taking pictures, it's also really practical for my major.  With all the public relations media kits I'll be doing someday, I'll be glad I took a couple hours a week to learn about good photography skills!

Black white hybrid boots

As part of an assignment, I had to mute all the colors of a photograph except one. My friend Amy is actually wearing these boots here, and these were such fun photos to take!


     What I really want to emphasize with this post is the fact that my education is not limited to my specific major!  The best part of my college educational experience is going outside of the communications field and diving into new subjects all over the place.  There is so much we can learn, and that gets me so excited!  If you're a student in high school, college, graduate school, or you just consider yourself a student of life, go out and try new things!  You'll never look back and regret expanding your mind, so don't miss out on a chance to make yourself better.

Thanks for reading!  Go learn something!

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