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My Campus Hot Spots

Hello, again!  It's another great day at the Woods.  Luckily, we are experiencing another beautiful fall on campus!

WWU is one of my favorite places to be.  During the semester, I spend a lot of my time hanging out in different places around campus.  Today, I want to show you a few of my favorite spots and why they are so special to me!

Student Center

The Student Center is a great place to unwind and relax between classes. I like to read in these big, comfy chairs!

The first place I want to highlight is the McNutt Student Center!  There are multiple reasons I love this space.  First, there is the mailroom.  I don't know ANY college student that doesn't love getting mail (Hey, mom!  If you're reading this, I wouldn't mind a care package full of Halloween goods!).In addition to our mailroom, we have the Owl's Nest.  The Owl's Nest is where our lovely Starbuck's is located, so it never hurts to drop in and get a quick pick-me-up between classes. Outside of the Owl's Nest, there is a big lounge area where students do homework, take study breaks, and play pool!  It's a great place to relax and mingle with other students on campus.

The next place I love hanging out in is in the Kemper Arts Center.  I have most of my classes in Kemper and it houses most of my favorite professors, too!  There's always student art displayed on the walls and the Cox Art Gallery is full of interesting pieces!

Anderson Arena

This gymnasium is basically my second home on campus. I really enjoy being in here!

Another place I enjoy hanging out in is the Helen Stephens Sports Complex.  I play basketball, so I spend a lot of time in this building playing, practicing, and watching games.   Oddly enough, the upper deck in the gymnasium is one of my absolute FAVORITE places to do my homework!


I'm a CA in Atkinson Hall with my Chi Omega sisters! (from left to right: Lindsey Cornelius, Baily Peterson, and Amber Hunt)

My #1 favorite place throughout the whole campus would have to be in my residence hall!  I spend the most time here between doing homework, hanging out with my sorority sisters, sleeping, and being a Community Advisor.  There is something really special about living on campus in a residence hall, and I think I've learned the most about life from living with all these crazy, different people!  There's nothing I like more than coming home and seeing my Chi Omega sisters hanging out in our parlor, or listening to music on the front lawn.

With all of these places in mind, I really hope you get a feel for what makes WWU feel like home to me!  Thanks for reading!



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