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Social Work in Everyday Life

Think about everything you watch on TV, read on the internet, or even see in person during your everyday life. Think about the first time you actually listen to that one hit song you've probably heard 1000 times on the radio, and once you pay attention to the words, you start noticing the song every time it plays. Being a Social Work major has the same effect.

Suddenly, Netflix has tons of new stuff that you begin to like simply for the fact that you can understand the dilemmas. You develop a better understanding of the events on the news and you even begin to question the behavior of the people around you. The awesome thing about Social Work here at The Woods is that you have the opportunities to bring these things into the classroom, not only to analyze and discuss, but to share these things with your peers.

The really cool thing that Woods offers, which is honestly the biggest reason I came to this school, is the small class size. Especially in our social work department, the class sizes are small enough that every person has the ability for one on one time with the professor, both in and out of the classroom. Personally, I am always sending my professor, Dr. Wilson, links or ideas for things to be used in lectures for class. Just last night I found the movie Gimme Shelter (2014) and texted her telling her about its connections to the topics being covered in our class, something I wouldn't have done without the skills I've learned throughout my time here as a social work student.

Aspects of social work exist in every part of our lives, we just don't tend to notice them without knowing what to look for. As a social work student here at William Woods, you not only are taught the theories and policies, but the professors also bring the real world into the classroom through the media and information that is constantly changing in our world.



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