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Spring Break!

It has been a very busy few weeks here at The Woods... I can't believe it is already April! Things got hectic leading up to spring break. Last week I returned to Colorado for break and it was beautiful! The weather was gorgeous and I got to spend time with my family.

During the week I was able to volunteer at Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Lab. In order to be a competitive applicant for veterinary school, it is important to get as much experience shadowing and volunteering at many different types of veterinary clinics. I worked as an assistant last summer, and my boss knew someone up at CSU who would let me come shadow (it's all about connections!).

I got a lot of great experience of the Equine Reproduction Lab

I got a lot of great experience of the Equine Reproduction Lab

It was a very busy week and I learned a lot! The entire operation is about breeding and they perform the most advanced procedures. They also work on research to further our understanding of equine reproductive health.

I really enjoyed working with the mares and foals

I really enjoyed working with the mares and foals

When I wasn't volunteering, I spent time with my family. We went and saw the movie Insurgent (which I highly recommend). We also went to a local pottery painting studio which was a lot of fun! I always enjoy seeing my family, but it is also good to be back at William Woods with all of my friends.

I hope you're enjoying the beautiful spring weather!


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