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Spring is around the corner (well nearly)

The past week has been a roller coaster for me. Advising for spring semester has come around, which means that I have to accept it will be my last semester here at The Woods! Thank gosh for Dr. Cavaiani, a communication professor. Being a senior, I have taken most of the classes I need to graduate, and I was in a little bit of a pickle for what classes I should take in the spring.Myself in the Broadcasting classroom

I am striving to work in the sports communication field in my future and Dr. Cav was the right person to talk to. He gave me class options that I could take in the spring to help me get where I want to be in life.

One of the classes is Radio Broadcasting. I've had some experience with this, but not enough to include it in the portfolio that I have been building to show employers when I seek a job. William Woods is lucky to have an actual radio station on campus, and most of the shows are produced by students! It streams online as well as broadcasts, so you can listen online if you want!

Julia Wells and MyselfJulia Wells is also a communications major and taking Radio Broadcasting with me, which lead us to seize an opportunity--we are creating our own sports talk show! I’m so excited!

Julia started at the same time as I did. She is one of my closest friends on campus. Julia was always there to give me rides and help me get in to the American swing of things!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended the advising process on a high. After all the stress of deciding what to do for my last semester, I figured it out from the help of my professors and my family!


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