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A St. Louis ballpark field trip as part of a comm Class? Don’t mind if I do!

My snapchat selfie in St.Louis!

My snapchat selfie in St.Louis!

Living in Fulton, is quite an advantage to someone like me-an international student!

Kansas City and St. Louis are each within 2 hours from Fulton. This is brilliant because Fulton is rural. Being close to cities makes me feel more at home! And having two MLB teams (the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals) in our state is a plus!

So our Communication and Sport Class professor, Dr. Cavaiani, took us to St. Louis to study the history of the ballparks there. HOW COOL! Not many schools can take their students on field trips. We are very lucky here at The Woods.

Overall the trip was a success. Everybody enjoyed themselves. We got to take plenty of pictures, and I LOVE a good ol’ selfie!

I do not know very much about baseball, so this field trip gave me a little more insight and educated me a lot about it.

Before we left we ate delicious food at the Ballpark Village. It was lovely being all together. By now, you know I love my food and there was no way I was leaving without eating.

Our class at the first Ballpark site

My class and I at the site of the original Cardinals ballpark.

Thanks for reading!



Woodsfest: Alumni Weekend 2015


Happy Hump Day to all!

This upcoming weekend, William Woods will be hosting its annual Alumni Weekend shindig! The theme this year is Woodsfest! A festive gathering of old friends and colleagues brought together for a weekend of reminiscing on the past and writing the next page of the future.

For a full schedule of Woodsfest events, follow this link!

We hope to see you all this coming weekend at William Woods!

As always, peace and blessings!


Photographer Status

I had a very fun opportunity this past three day weekend. My work study is with the University Public Relations and Marketing department. I work for Mary Ann Beahon, the director of university relations. Most of the time I just write news releases that I am assigned, but this week I had a different assignment. I was able to be a photographer at a Callaway County alumni brunch on Saturday.

This is what I got to eat for brunch! The picture is a bit blurry, because I snapped it with my phone camera quickly.

This is what I got to eat for brunch! The picture is a bit blurry, because I snapped it with my phone camera quickly.

The alumni brunch was filled with great food and people! There was everything from French toast to quiche to candied bacon. It was a delicious way to start off a Saturday.

I was able to take the group picture that Becky Stinson, director of alumni activities, requested. And I took many other pictures to hopefully submit to the Columbia Tribune. I also let one of the young girls in attendance help me take some photos. It was really cute to watch her take snap shots of her parents and other people as well.

I love having an on campus job where I can get experience in my passions. It is really has helped me figure out what I want to do in my career and my life.

I look forward to many more opportunities to come, and if you live in the Columbia area - keep an eye out for my photos!




Grab a bite!

Tucker Dining Hall is the spot to get the finest food at William Woods! Tucker, as the student body calls it, is the best spot to grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can grab a steaming cup of coffee and a watch your omelet be made right before your eyes to get your day started, put in your order at our Mongolian grill for lunch, and grab a fresh salad and soft serve cone for a sweet treat after dinner! There are options to suit any dining needs including soy milk and fresh tilapia! Not to mention the ever-friendly Tucker Dining Hall staff, who are always willing to help!

Come see us and grab lunch in Tucker Dining Hall at William Woods University!


The Home Zone is the place to find the main meal of the day.


20141030_120813 With a fresh salad bar day in and day out, you can always find healthy options. Check out the Savory Grill to customize your Mongolian grill or smash burger order.