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Greek Week!

This week is a very special week here at the Woods, it is Greek Week! This is a week where all of the sorority and fraternity chapters on campus can unite together and raise money and awareness for a cause, while also celebrating accomplishments. The cause for the last few years has been the Buddy Pack program.

Nutritiousbackpack-244x300The Buddy Pack program was created because for many students on free and reduced priced school meals are their only area of reliable nutrition. This puts them at risk for hunger over the weekend. The Food Bank provides Buddy Packs to children in elementary schools, 28 of the 32 counties.

Buddy Packs are backpacks filled with kid-friendly, nutritious food that students take home over the weekend or holiday periods to supplement their meals when there is not enough for them to eat at home. After the weekend, volunteers at the schools then refill their packs.

I had my first experience with the Buddy Pack program when I was in high school. I was a member of National Honor Society and we would stuff Buddy Packs for children at our school for part of our service work. It means a lot to me that I am still able to contribute.

The main part of the week is raising funds and awareness, but I am also excited for the awards ceremony. I was on the panel that did the interviews for the awards and I am really excited to see the faces of the winners. They truly deserve it.

This is the schedule for the week: 

Monday, April 6–

  • Start fundraising for the Buddy Pack program.
  • Banners Up!
    • Have banners up! These banners should say Greek Week as well as have something on it about the Buddy Pack program

Wednesday, April 8 –

6 p.m.– Gym

  • Fun games and activities in the gym. We will be combining the chapters and contestants will be picked at random to play multiple games and activities.

Thursday April 9–

6 p.m. – Dulany Auditorium

  • Greek Awards and Service Award Winner
    • This WILL be a formal event. Please come dressed in pin clothes. (Pin clothes are dress clothes that you wear with your sorority/fraternity pin or badge.)
  • All Buddy Pack fundraising money will be due by noon at CSI.

Friday April 10 –

Woods 101 Event, Aldridge

  • Buddy Backpack stuffing, if you are a student coming to 101 please join us

This is going to be a busy but amazing week. On top of this schedule, we have Sigma Alpha Epsilon's philanthropy week. This is a fraternity over at Westminster. They have events throughout the week to raise money for their philanthropy, Lafayette County Cancer Coalition. They are raising awareness for Bile Duct cancer. I am so proud to be making such a difference in one week, this is the stuff that I live for!


I can't wait to see you all at Woods 101. Please comment below if you are planning on attending, I would love to meet you!




Domestic Violence Awareness Month



Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week here at the Woods. One of my favorite things this week happened to be put on by members of my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.

Sugar cookies on table.

This is my sorority sister, Sadie Herrick, handing out cookies outside of Tucker Dining Hall.

Sugar cookies with purple ribbon icing.

Sugar cookies with the purple ribbon.


My sorority’s philanthropy is domestic violence awareness, and we work very closely to the local Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV) shelter here in Fulton.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The intent of this awareness month was to connect battered women's advocates across the nation and to end violence against women and their children.

To start raising awareness early, a few women in my sorority baked cookies and handed them out at a table right out front of Tucker Dining Hall.

Not only is this a great cause, but I also was able to help work my designing skills and create a handout to also go on the table. I am not much of a baker, so being able to help in any other way that I can is very important to me.


Purple Ribbon Run flyer.

This is the flyer for the upcoming 5k.

With this week coming to an end, I am already creating a plan for next week. Another way that I am going to help out is with the CARDV shelter’s 5k. I am not the best runner in the world, considering how clumsy I can be, so I plan to walk it or volunteer to help out wherever is needed.

I feel lucky that the students at William Woods have many opportunities to help out with causes bigger than ourselves.


Home Away From Home… Family Away From Family

My grand-little and I having some fun with a photo booth! :D

My grand-little and I having some fun with a photo booth! 😀

Just in case you didn’t really get how much I love being a part of the Greek life here at William Woods, I want to take this week’s blog to talk about another great thing that the sororities here offer: Greek families!

Darian Lightfoot (middle) and her two littles, Shelby Dorfman (left) and Brittany Lenhart (right)

Darian Lightfoot (middle) and her two littles, Shelby Dorfman (left) and Brittany Lenhart (right)

If you have older siblings, chances are that you have a “big sister” back home that you might feel sad about leaving. Well, when you join a sorority at WWU, you get another one! Every new girl in the house sorority gets paired up with an older member (sophomore or above) who becomes your “big sis” or simply your “big”. Your big sis is someone you really hit it off with during your first few weeks of school. She is your go-to person in the house, she plays a special role in your initiation ceremony, and she generally ends up being someone you maintain a special connection with for the rest of your college career (and potentially the rest of your life!). When you come back to campus to begin your second year at WWU, you have the chance to experience the relationship from the other side by taking one of the new freshmen as your “little.”

Me (top), my little sis Kassi Davidson (middle), and her little sis Melissa Williams (bottom)

Me (top), my little sis Kassi Davidson (middle), and her little sis Melissa Williams (bottom)

Some people become so close to their bigs/littles that they adopt another term for it: “mom” and “dot” (short for “daughter”). Using these terms helps illustrate the family trees that grow within the sorority—your big’s big sis becomes your “grandbig,” just like your little’s little sis becomes your “grand-little” or “granddot”! Sometimes, a family tree will grow to include aunts, siblings, and great-grandbigs! The fraternities develop similar family trees; every new freshman (or transfer student) gets a “pledge dad”, as an older member you have a chance to get a “pledge son”, and so on.

I know it sounds really complicated at first, but once you join a Greek organization and actually become a part of a family, I promise it starts to make sense! If you’re utterly confused at this point, though, just know that joining a sorority or a fraternity gives you the opportunity to become a part of another family at WWU!

I absolutely love this aspect of Greek life. It gives you an automatic connection with certain members of your organization, and it is always so much fun to watch your family grow every year when new the new freshmen/transfer students arrive!