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Halloween at The Woods!

Some people prefer a spooky costume while some others prefer funny. Here in the social work department, we prefer caffeine filled. Its not every day that you get to see your professors dressed up, but Friday was one of those days!

Dressing Up for Fun - Everyone from the Admissions office to the Department of Student Life dressed up and celebrated the holiday by handing out candy and enjoying the day with students. The day has turned into one of the days I look forward to during the school year, just because everyone has such a great time and relaxes together, something I never would have guessed happened during my time in college. Halloween at a small university like William Woods is a great time!

1960s hair styles and all!

1960s hair styles and all!

Making it Semi-Academic - Every office showed their individuality across campus and hosted games and trivia for students. For social work students, we got to experience a real intervention for Dr. Wilson's caffeine addiction. Armed with the DSM-V, Prof. Garner described the symptoms of caffeine addiction, and helped Dr. Wilson with her coffee obsession. Its always great that we can include our lessons from class in hands-on activities, even if they are fun!

Professors George Garner and Elizabeth Wilson dress up for Halloween

You know its time for an intervention when someone starts dressing like their favorite drink!

Even with as much hard work as we put into our daily assignments, its great that we get these fun activities to help strengthen our skills and help us relax! Just more proof that social work at a small school is great!




Halloween weekend has came and passed unfortunately.

This weekend has been one for the books. On Friday, My friends and I went to Necropolous in Columbia Mo. We waited for about 2 hours to get into the zombie themed haunted house. It was great. My friends Paige and Kate were terrified of all the Zombie people walking around but not me!


After the haunted house, we came back to Fulton and changed into our costumes to hang out with our friends. Paige and I decided to dress up as an Angel and Devil. Here we are with our friend Phil, who is dressed as a lumberjack.


On Saturday we got a little more creative with our costumes for a costume party on the Westminster Campus. My friends, Paige, Jessica and I decided to be the Charlie's angels spies. In my opinion, we rocked it.


We all wore leather jackets and painted hand guns we bought from the dollar store. We also carried around badges to make it seem more official.

I'm only looking forward to more things this week. I registered for my classes for next semester today and am taking a full schedule and more with 19 credit hours ( the normal is 12-18). Yikes!

I also have my best friends birthday this weekend so we are going to try to squeeze in some R&R time and go get massages, go shopping and get a nice dinner.

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Halloween at WWU

Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your spooky, hilarious, and thrilling holiday festivities! All around Fulton, Missouri you could find jack-o-lanterns, togas, princesses, nerds, athletes, skeletons, and the occasional astronaut. We will never be too old to dress up and enjoy a night out with friends! Be it catching a movie with Student Alumni Council, the American Sign Language department, or the Jesters, to attending class in your costume, there is always a way for you to enjoy the Halloween festivities at William Woods!

Below are some pictures of my teammates and I dressed up on Halloween night, it was a great time with the best friends a guy could ask for!


My nerd self with Grandpa Gary, aka Garrett Haslag!


Left to right: Coach Boomer (aka Konrad Kemper), me (the nerd), Lebron James (aka Cole Schaefer), and Coach Munns (aka John Cavness).


Come One, Come All

William Woods is absolutely beautiful this time of year! Walking to class is an absolute pleasure! Below is a little glimpse of my walk to class today.

I encourage you to come and visit William Woods this fall during our fall admissions events! The first event is the Equine Weekend, the weekend of November 7th. Also, come on out for Discovery Days at William Woods, the weekend of November 14th.

Go to the William Woods University Admissions webpage to set up your visit today!


The Stone-Campbell Apartment Complex

2014-10-22 17.24.11

Here is my home away from home, the Burton Business & Econ Building!

2014-10-22 17.23.14

A majestic overview of Senior Lake!