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Staying Busy but Sane

Clock faceHigh school was busy, but nothing compares to how busy college life can get. Between classes, homework, extracurriculars, a social life, and a professional life, you need to have time for yourself.

Scheduling that can be hard. You also have to eat, sleep, and do daily chores like laundry and keeping your room clean.

To say my life can be hectic is an understatement. Personally, I am in 5 classes, the president of a club, on the executive board for my fraternity chapter, and I also hold positions in at least three other clubs. Keeping track of assignments, due dates,  and appointments can get crazy. Eventually you will lose track.

I use three methods to keep me organized. Hopefully they can help you out too!

Calendars. I use four calendars in my daily routine:

  1. A monthly calendar for long term projects and events.
  2. A weekly calendar that helps me figure out what I need to do on a weekly basis
  3. My school planner that keeps track of my homework
  4. My phone  calendar that keeps track of my social life.

Sticky notes. My friends think I am crazy with all the sticky notes I have stuck in different places in my room. I use them mostly for remembering to takes things with me to class or to do quick chores like take out the trash.

Location. Leave important things in obvious places.

Putting your homework or flash drive that you need to take to class next to your keys really helps you remember to take it with you. One of my biggest issues freshman year was completing the homework but leaving it sit on my desk instead of taking it with me to class. Frustrating!

Regardless of how you choose to keep yourself organized, make sure that you have the ability to stay on top of everything that you need to do.

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give about staying organized is to know where your limit is. Burnout is a real thing and when you burn out, every part of your life can suffer. Staying organized is one of the best ways to prevent burnout and to help make sure that you have ample time for your own personal well being.



15 Things To Do while Taking a Break from Studying

Here my roommate Catie demonstrates napping while studying.

Here my roommate Catie demonstrates napping while studying.

A successful student studies a lot (or should study a lot). But, when it's time to take a break from studying, here are my suggestions for how to spend the time.

  1. Visit the Owl’s Nest (or your pantry/local coffee store) and grab a snack or, even better, a Starbucks coffee.
  2. Take a nap (a quick twenty minutes might rejuvenate you and make your studying more effective).
  3. Cartwheel. Get some blood flowing to your brain.
  4. Yoga/deep breathing. If you’re super-stressed, take a deep breath. And then keep studying (this is especially effective for finals week).
  5. Clean. Be productive on your break and tidy up your [dorm] room, and give your mind a break.
  6. Do some laundry. Start a load and then when you break again, you can switch loads. Then when you’re done studying, you can fold.
  7. Go for a walk/visit the horses. William Woods has a beautiful campus with lots of horses to visit.
  8. Go to a LEAD event. If you coordinate right, you can go to a LEAD event and take a break from studying--and still be productive!
  9. Shower. A hot shower can be re-energizing.
  10. Call/talk to your parents. They probably miss you.
  11. Talk to your roommate/siblings. Discuss what you’re studying, and it will help solidify the concepts in your brain.
  12. Schedule the rest of your day. Keep on track by working out what you want to accomplish for the rest of your morning, afternoon, or evening.
  13. Write a thank you note. People love hand-written cards, so think of the last person that did something generous and write a little note. It will surely make his or her day.
  14. Make your bed. It’s probably not made…
  15. Read the William Woods blog!
The lovely William Woods campus in autumn.

Go for a walk and experience the lovely William Woods campus.

I hope that these suggestions liven up your next study break. Thanks for reading!