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A Little More About Me!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to take the time to post a little something extra about myself and maybe give everyone a deeper look into who I am and why I am a social work major here on campus. Just like we start all of our classes with some sort of icebreaker, I figured I would do the same for this blog.

My name is Ryan Stocker and I am a social work and psychology double major with a juvenile justice minor. I am what some call a special case here on campus since I am majoring in two giant helping professions, which takes up a good chunk of my life. Luckily, I'm able to combine these two amazing majors due to the fact that they complement each other so well. I'm able to apply the things that I learn in my psychology courses while in my social work courses, and vice versa. When I changed my major to Social Work, I sat down with my advisor and we created a plan for how I could earn both degrees and still earn the minor in Juvenile Justice! The professors here are amazing and are so willing to work with students so that we can remain focused on our class work and balance how we plan to graduate on time!

A little more about me; I am from Fenton, a suburb of Saint Louis. I am the oldest, with one younger brother, Matthew, and my parents, Wendy and Steve. I went to Lindbergh Senior High School, graduating with almost 600 students, so coming to a school like William Woods was a total culture shock.

I went through high school convinced that I was going to another university and major in computer engineering or design. I worked a lot for the student IT department and fully planned to continue on with my goal until my senior year of school. During that time, one of my extremely close friends dealt with a lot of serious behavioral and psychological issues and standing beside them gave me a lot of insight into the social work profession.

I came into William Woods wanting a career that works with children and teens dealing with self image issues, self injury, and other behavioral problems, and  as time has progressed, I found that social work has many opportunities to help that demographic!. In a world with increasingly more and more issues facing families, communities and society, social workers are needed more and more; so hopefully by the time I graduate there will be a perfect spot for me to fit into and help kids in my area.

Over the next semester I plan on covering everything from a day in the life of a social work student, to having some of our current social work seniors write as guest bloggers about their current experiences in their field internships. Feel free to contact me with any ideas for things that you would like to see more of at and I'll do my best to include them in a post or two!



Welcome to The Woods!

Hello all you handsome and beautiful people! My name is Katherine Wortmann and I am so happy you have decided to visit my blog! 🙂

Before I dive too deep into this post, first I’d like to tell you a little about me! I am a senior this year (ahh!), majoring in American Sign Language Interpreting and American Sign Language Studies. I am from Mexico, MO, which is a whole 20 minutes away from Fulton. You might think that I am a commuter since I live so close to WWU, but no! I am a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority and live right here on campus with all my sisters!

I am all about being involved here on campus, which you’ll learn more about in my future blog posts, but the main organizations I participate in are Student Alumni Council, Hands Up Club, University Ambassadors and Phonathon. All of these are groups are fabulous to be a part of and I can’t wait to tell you more about them later on!

My school spirit started early. Check me out freshman year!

As you’ll find out really quickly (because you’re oh-so-smart!), I am a huge goofball, so I love just hanging out with my friends, having a good time and laughing till my sides hurt. I also really enjoy being creative-98% of the time I’m crafting something, and the other 2% I’m thinking about a craft I could be making!

Movies are something I really enjoy, too! Chick flicks? Heck yeah! Musicals? Yes please! Scary-gory nonsense? No, thanks.. There is a really awesome movie theater right here in Fulton, so you can find me there slurping on a blue Icee when a really great movie hits the theaters. 🙂

Have any other burning questions about who I am? Then head on over to my "About Me"  section and read on!

Ok, now to the good stuff. One thing you should know about me is how much I love William Woods University. I have so much pride in this school and absolutely love sharing it with everyone I meet. No matter if I’m at a soccer game, a theater production, an art gallery or a Greek philanthropy event, I’m always happy to be a part of The Woods community and represent my Owls!

My hope is that through these next few months of blogging, you’ll be able to pick up on how wonderful WWU is and want to see it for yourself! It is such a fun and beautiful campus with lots of great people. As you can see, I’ve got school spirit oozing out of me and can’t wait to share more with you!

Senior year and still going strong! Love my Owls!

From alllll the way back four years ago to where I am now, WWU has helped shape who I am today and I couldn’t be more thankful. This blog is not only dedicated to helping you figure out why WWU is so great, but also sharing the best things about The Woods as a thank you for all this community has given me.

This next month/semester is going to be lots of fun. Why? Because it’s my SENIOR YEAR! I hope you’ll tag along for the ride as I take my last few classes, get ready for graduation and start planning for my internship! Buckle up, people. Life’s about to get crazy!

Until next time, smiles and sunshine! 🙂