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10 Things to do on the Weekend in Fun-ville Fulton

I’m not sure if you are like me but, every Monday I automatically think what my plans are for the upcoming weekend will be. Being in a small college town, your options might seem limited but in Fulton they are not!

  1. If you have a car or very nice friends like I do who do have a car, you can easily pop to the mall in Columbia, which is only 20 minutes away!
  2. You can go downtown for a relaxing walk, while window shopping at all the quaint little shops.
  3. You can easily top up your tan at Fulton’s two tanning shops. Lasting Image and Tanfastic. These are both relatively affordable tanning salons!
  4. If you love Mexican food, Jalisco is perfect for you and your friends. If you are 21, Jalisco       has great margarita offers on selected days of the week.
  5. History fans can enjoy the National Churchill Museum. This 4-million-dollar museum inside a priceless piece of architecture will give you a look back at living history.
  6. Lulu’s frozen yoghurt! This is one of my favorite places to hang out downtown! Indulge in some good frozen yoghurt on a Sunday afternoon with your friends.
  7. Play some golf at Tanglewood golf club that is only a 5-minute drive from campus. It is a FUN public golf course; just make sure you don’t lose too many golf ball

    The Women's Golf Team at Beks!

    The Women's Golf Team at Beks!

  8. If you are keen on nightlife, the Post Office Bar and Grill ("The PO") and Underground are fun places to hang out on a Saturday night.
  9. Beks! It is the perfect restaurant to take your family when they come and visit. It is located in the "Brick District" downtown and is famous for its spinach and artichoke dip!
  10. The Art House gallery is right up the street from Beks. It displays work from 100 different regional artists. The Art House also hosts classes teaching painting, pottery making, drawing, rug weaving, and other fine arts.

I hope this helps guide you to fun weekends in Fulton!

Thanks for reading!



Frozen Yogurt and Crepes

I credit myself to be a frozen yogurt enthusiast. I have made my way to many famous chains of the frozen delight: Orange Leaf, Red Mango, YogoLuv, Pinkberry, Yogurtini, Chill and more. Though I've tried a vast amount of yogurt venues, one of my favorite frozen yogurt shops is right here in Fulton.

Lulu's frozen yogurt finds it home on the Brick District on the intersection of W 5th and Nichols Street. It is within a good distance of campus, so occasionally my friends and I will walk there instead of driving.

Frozen yogurt

My Lulu's frozen yogurt creation. I like to get all the colors of the rainbow.

I will never forget my first trip to Lulu's when I was a freshman here at The Woods. I had seen people "check in" on Facebook, but never quite made it to the shop myself until my sorority sister, Katherine Wortmann, took me to Lulu's after a Campus Activities Board event. CAB enables students to promote, plan, and implement campus wide activities and also organizes on and off campus social events for the student body.

Obviously a pro at making my own frozen yogurt creations, I piled on the dairy-free flavors and proceeded to top my yogurt with candies and fruit alike. I am allergic to dairy and find a decent variety of dairy-free flavors can be difficult, but not at Lulu's! They have an ever evolving selection of many flavors, which always keeps me coming back.

Not only do they have a wonderful selection of yogurts and toppings, but they also have crepes, coffees, baked goods and more. It was later on my freshman year that I bought my first chocolate and strawberry crepe from Lulu's. A friend that was from France made the only crepe I had ever had previous to this and I must say the flavors truly did compare.

Lulu's has a great atmosphere as well. There is always an art display on the walls, a friendly face at the counter and a Hoot magazine on the bookshelf.

Doing all this typing about Lulu's really has me craving that sweet treat ... I may have to grab a few friends and walk over to the Brick District this afternoon.